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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Vega Brothers: Khan: Secret Baby BBW

Vega Brothers: Khan: Secret Baby BBW Vega Brothers: Khan: Secret Baby BBW by Kim Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the vega brothers return just a few days late, their father passed away. thinking nothing of it their whole world is turned upside down when their father presented them with a videotaped will. find a mate with a year OR lose the ranch. with a later added addendum that the first pairing should happen within a month.
with julius mated of two of the other brothers result to the same matchmaking tricks and this time it's Khan who drew the short stick. what his brothers don't know is that he already found his mate, years ago in a sweet human girl. his brother teased him with her for ages but he never told them what she really meant to him. when ava signs him up for a mail order bride, he changes all the info behind her back, changes his name and picture. but when he lets the site do it's work he's more then surprised to see her pop up as a possible match. without thinking twice about it he simply sends her a "Hi!"
Bailey is at her end wits. being a single mom isn't easy. being a single mom to a bear shifter cub is twice as hard, specially now that her boy is getting more issue with his shape-shifting. her sister convinces her to sign up as a mail order bride, she may find someone she's compatible with. when she finally signs up she waits and isn't displeased when she sees a handsome man being interested in her, one who texts her rather quickly and simply. with her sister volunteering to babysit the little tike she accepts his invitation for a date.
when she's waiting for her date to arrive she's surprised to find Khan standing across the road, all dressed up, looking hands some as always and a lot more matured. when he confesses he's the one she's having a date with she gets angry at being tricked. but seeing him also stirred old feelings inside of her, feelings who never went away and listening to him pleading she decides to stay and listen.
she knows she has to tell him about their son but she doesn't know how so she just tells him she has a son now, hoping he can connect the dots. yet he seems to think her son if from another man and it almost drives a new wedge between them. when she tells him the boy is his Khan doesn't really know how to handle this news and Bailey thinks he's taking it badly.
but Khan just needed a moment to process what she told him. he was a father, he had a cub, a boy! they had to work things out but he wouldn't leave his son, not willingly. they agree to talk more about things later.
things go a bit faster then they thought when Bailey calls with the request if he could watch their son. she has to work, so does her sister and the daycare doesn't want to take him on anymore due to his inability to control his shifting.
as Khan spends the day with his boy he knows he can't not be around him and things need to change. he also has to admit that Bailey is the only one he wants and though he's sure their old attraction is still there he has to be honest with her. that he's in this for the long haul!

another brother bites the dust! there are so many fun moments in this book! it's just sweet to read. khan and his bacon: i say no more! i can't wait to read how the next brother will be roped in with finding a mate and saving their ranch!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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