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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: Offside: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Offside: A Bad Boy Sports Romance Offside: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Abbey Foxx
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

what do you do with a bad boy athlete banned from playing for a year in his own country?
you ship him of to the US in hopes he behaves himself.
jasper was fuming, he didn't agree with any of it but he had no other choice or he was risking his whole career as a rugby player. and now they want him to play american football? sorry football.
the girl picking him up from the airport quickly squashes his high hopes of his stay in America. he's not here to drink, chase woman and get in trouble. he can manage that, he thinks. because the girl has taken residency in his mind, that fact she's engaged isn't really stopping him. he likes her, plain and simple. he keeps his distance but when he sees her together with her fiance he knows those two can't last.
after the first game it's clear why. he may have done a lot of things, even had a ton of women but he never ever cheated on a girl.
things on the field aren't super duper either. he has to learn the game but none in the team, nor the trainer, have a drive to win and it's eating him up like a dark hole. he wants to play, he wants to win, it's his sole purpose on a field: play to win.
after some initial bumps on the roads he gets to know penny better and he still can't help liking her more then he should. when she figures out her fiance is back to his old ways, she doesn't hesitate to call him on it and with proof in hand ends a relationship that hasn't been healthy in ages.
penny is mad at everything that happened, the cheating, again, was the last drop. not getting jasper out of her min isn't helping either. it's like a moth being lured to a flame. one encounter is all it took to get fireworks. she knows she shouldn't but something about jasper and the way he is with her, it touches parts (literally and figuratively) nobody before him has.
how will these two work against time when events orchestrated by other people put them to the test?
you get sucked in from the moment you start. the bantering, the sparring, it just works with these two. you can tame a bad boy but luckily he's not losing his dirty ways.
enjoyed it a lot!

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