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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: THE MAN. THE GAME. THE BABY. (A Knight Brothers Novel)

THE MAN. THE GAME. THE BABY. (A Knight Brothers Novel) THE MAN. THE GAME. THE BABY. (A Knight Brothers Novel) by London Casey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

roman knight, the name alone makes those around him quiver. he doesn't back down ever, like he's a loose canon. he's like that on the field and of the field. he doesn't care about the consequences because he has a legal team to take care of it all. but even they get enough of it all.that's when willow is called in, to babysit him and keep him out of trouble. but half the time trouble finds him, sometimes he welcomes it, sometime he doesn't but either way he still doesn't care about the outcome. with willow in the picture he's getting a one track mind and that only results with wanting her in his bed, not once or twice but forever. but his upbringing makes him belief he's not worth it, he just had to look at his brothers, just as loos a canon like he was in their own way and he knew enough. their father? he'd be better of dead and buried.
willow thought things were going better, with roman and with them together. he finally opened up to her. but it was too good to be true and it all came crumbling down and now the one thing he asked for is being tested : trust.

what a ride this was! roman is something else, his brother... just as bad ass. everything doesn't mean a thing until you meet the right woman, then it makes sense. loved this first book about the knight brothers and i can't wait to read the rest of them!!

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