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Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: Payne: A Bad Boy Romance

Payne: A Bad Boy Romance Payne: A Bad Boy Romance by Kim Linwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

kim delivers another ace book! thrilling rides, sizzling moments, drama, emotions, betrayal. it all happens in this book.
rookie cop Nora is tired of sitting behind her desk. when she's called in and put on a security details she's not sure why she has to do that but her boss is rather convincing it's that or even more paperwork for decades.
her mood isn't really good since her new hot as hell neighbor is messing up her mind. he's rude, he's loud, he keeps the building awake with his music and, yay, all the neighbors rely on her, the resident cop, to make him listen.
payne is taken with the teeny tiny spitfire of a cop. he shouldn't be, he isn't here for her, he's here to do his job. and his job happens to be to kill the one she is protecting. yet his libido and mind are in agreement that nora is worth his time and attention.
as the verbal sparring between them starts igniting more and more, nora can't help but start thinking there is more to payne that he is telling her. she knows he's a former SEAL, but something about it isn't adding up. same as her boss is acting like a douche about her security detail. things aren't so much above board as she would like them to be, but she has no real other choice but to suck it up and show up for work and be a glorified coffee lady!
payne is getting more invested in nora then he thought, hopes of having a normal live creep into his mind. that his employers seems to know about his interest in nora is ringing all kind of bells and he knows she isn't safe any longer. he knows he can't just let her go, he has to make her understand. it's in that break or make moment their feelings get to a boil and both have to dig deep to accept where it is all leading too.
as important as this moment was to them, it took too long and it sets so much in motion that i was afraid one of them wouldn't make it!

the battle of emotions between these two is hard and heartfelt. their heated moments are dominant and thriving and just perfect for them both!.

gotta love payne's double entendre of just the lack there off and nora quick and witty replies. on opposites sides of the law, will these two make it work or will things start to crumble when they're separated?

what a read and ride this was. was hard to put down the book. i just had to know what was coming. one more chapter, than one more and another and before i knew it i was at the end. another masterpiece kim!

free copy provided in exchange for an honest review

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