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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Soul of Flame

Soul of Flame Soul of Flame by Merryn Dexter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exciled by the fae queen mother, Ceara finds solace in working with a special human team. Her fire power put to good use. But when a freak accident leads to her accidentally killing of her entire team and losing her powers she’s more than surprise to find a place at the Wiccan Hause in hopes of regaining her power.
What she didn’t expect to find is a shapeshifting man-jaguar to attack her on the very first day.
That man-jaguar is Shimeer, also seeking refuge at Wiccan Hause hoping to get in sync again with his animal. A curse laid upon him preventing him to keep his animal form at will.
When he sees Ceara he’s convinced she’s the one who put the curse on him after having kept him captive for a long time but minor details are off.
Shimeer is told to stay away from her but his animal side has other ideas. Apologizing is one thing, killing her is another thing.
What neither of them counted on was the volatile attraction that grew between them when they weren’t sparring with words or limbs. As the truth surfaces, both will have a strong battle ahead of them when facing the final challenge and a family born prophecy.
I haven’t read many books in the Wiccan Hause world but I have to say that it does not drag the story down if you haven’t. it’s easy to pick up on the dynamics between the people there and here and there a big enough hint is left to understand the story. Really enjoyed this fast paced story and wouldn’t mind reading more of it.

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