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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: HARDER

HARDER HARDER by Olivia Hawthorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brook took her daughter and up and left her abusive boyfriend. driving without a real goal she ends up in a small typical southern town where everyone knows everyone. trying to make the best of it all brook finds a job at the local diner. when she's en route with her daughter trying to sell some cookies, she isn't really prepared for the brisk behavior of the "gardener". when said "gardener" sets foot in the diner the next day, being even more brisk, Brook really doesn't like his snotty behavior.
Luck isn't on her side because it seems that now they've met, they get thrown together in numerous situations. when she learns he isn't the gardener but of the family who basically "build" the town, she's even more determined not to put up with his attitude.
but something about Caleb touches her, there is a loneliness, a void and no matter how hard she tries they're getting drawn together like magnets. a friendship is blooming between them but little sparks fly as well though neither of them is willing to act on them for several different reasons.
will these two open up to each other or is their past to big a hurdle to get over?
story filled with emotions, humor, heartache, drama, sweetness and so much more. loved reading it from start to finish!

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