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Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Fire Dragon's Baby (Dragon Shifter Scifi Alien Romance)

Fire Dragon's Baby (Dragon Shifter Scifi Alien Romance) Fire Dragon's Baby (Dragon Shifter Scifi Alien Romance) by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

yay more draconians! scarlett is giving us more dragons! there aren't as in tune with humans because they're quite far away from our galaxy but after a few decades of peace and things settling down, the mating pool now opens up for them too. they just have to find a way how to deal with the mating pul once they're paired up with an earth female.
after some debate a way is found and the first of the elemental dragons gets news his mate has been found AND that she's willing to travel the distance and even agrees to get fertilized.
it's strange for celeste. she's told it will take up to a year to travel to the other side of the galaxy to meet the draconian she's paired with. it's even stranger she's asked to massage herself with artificial semen so her DNA can adapt to her matched draconian in order to try IVF. the elemental draconians hope in doing things this way, having their mate arrive already with a new born babe, it's easier to hold on to their position and also to help deal with the mating fever.
it's not an easy thing and it's a first for both celeste and salvatt, the fire prince.

join us in this new journey of multiple draconians who'll be getting paired up with feisty young ladies.
loved this and devoured it in one sitting! next please! (with a cherry on top!)

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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