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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Marked

Marked Marked by Gwen Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i loved these two!
amelia grew up with a father and brothers who hunted vampires for a living. her whole life she's been told they're bad, nasty, dangerous. she trained alongside her brother and could howl her own.
but then her roommate and best friend tess got in a bit of a pickle and needed cash. she wanted to help her out but there weren't much options. she didn't have that amount of money and she could think of only one way of making it it quickly. become a blood courtesans for the beings she's supposed to hunt.
at the auction she has to fight of a bit of attention but the one vampire who wins her is an enigma to her. he's nothing like her father and brothers told her. sure there was something simmering just below the surface,but he wasn't angry at her or with her. attraction between them bloomed really fast and amelia had a hard time placing it. specially with certain things he was saying. he wanted her, not just for what she could provide, but for who she was.
but when truths are coming out, danger is only around the corner.
Ethen and amelia winter, what a pair they make! you can just see it sizzling between them. i liked everything about the book, just one thing irked me : it had to end...

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