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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Alpha

Alpha Alpha by Mandy Rosko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Miranda is living out of her car, needing every penny she earns to take care of her mother’s medical bills. One evening after lock up she’s just minding her own business when she’s surrounded by several man, when it’s clear those men don’t have the best of intentions she’s scared out of her mind. When the same men start shifting into big bad angry wolves with seemingly one purpose, to kill her, she’s more than freaked out!
Than another big bad wolf enters the scene and gets rid of the others and saves her. With scratches and bumps and bruises she’s taken by the wolf who rescued her. Trust into a world she didn’t knew even existed she has a crash course of what is happening. She also learns more about her past.
Garret is more than upset to find Miranda fighting for her life. How it has come this far he had no idea, as far as he knew he was paying her father to take care of his future mate but what she tells him is far from the situation he had hoped she was in. he’s walking on eggshells around her, knowing he has to tell her everything sooner rather than later.
Danger, love, heartache, friendship, all emotions pass by at some point in this captivating story. The turmoil some go through to give others their space… loved the interaction within the group. Can’t wait to dig into the next story in this series!
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