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I'm a rookie writer enjoying the flow of words sprouting out of my fingers. Sometimes it goes easy, at other times it's a real struggle. I love and crave any kind of feedback, good or bad. I write when I can, but a husband, two kids, 4.2 cats (aging from 15 years to 4 months) do take up most of my time. Yet I found the time to try out something I never thought I was good at. I started writing. I came to love it and enjoy the new friendships I've made with fellow writers I simply adore (well I like the writers, but adore their work *grins*)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween outcome.

I didn't win anything, but that's no biggie. I've enjoyed the ride and will probably join again someday.
The three that won had nice stories as well.
But as much as I've enjoyed this now it's time to get back to my Whelan brothers and Justin and Silvia. I've been neglecting both. Well not really neglecting but it seems my muse was kidnapped by JazCullen's and both our muses have headed of to the Bahama's sipping cocktails at the beach! Just hope they return pretty quickly and don't get up to much mischief, those two together....I don't even want to think about it LOL.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

*Drum Roll* The new story starts here.

I'm glad I can finally give you the first chapter of my new story "A New World Awaits". This was aspired by Ho-Z, whom most still know as the overly cute man Pepper introduced us all too(I bet he's blushing already just thinking of all the attention she gave him)
This is the introductory chapter, it lets you see a bit of both main characters and lets you see a glimpse of their issues, desires and feelings.

A New World Awaits. Chapter One.

The lyrics used are from the following song :

I hope you all like this first chapter, don't hesitate to comment on it, the more feedback I get, the more I can incorporate into the story and make it better.

Big thanks to Ho-Z for making this little gem possible *big hugs*.

I will publish the story here first, this is the version I get back from my personal ace proofreader Jazcullen. She does such a wonderful job that I sometimes wonder why I send the piece to an editor afterwards *grins* she's that good. Anyhow I'll be writing this together with SIW, taking turns a bit, so I'm not promising updates every week, BUT what I start I finish, just bear with me and all will be fine, eventually.

Enjoy the exclusive read!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chris' chapter three.(live on Lit now!)

The title says it all. The chapter is ready for you all to read. Already up here on the blog and submitted to Lit, now hope that with the contest going it doesn't take too long to post it!.

Enjoy the read.

SIW Chris Whelan 03

SIW Chris Whelan 03 on Lit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween update.

I'm so excited! The story is doing so well, at least for me it is. I'm getting nice positive feedback, public and privately. Also got the so desired "H" so for me the contest can't get much better. The two goals I had are met and it's only going for three days.
So now the rest of the month can be a rollercoaster, as well for me as for the other authors. I'm cheering for my girl Cedar, she isn't able to win but I sure hope she ends with a damn good score!! You go girl, you made a bad demon be so lovable, only you can make that happen!(and a hottie as well dangit!)
Now skip forward to  october 29 and we know the winners!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween contest entry!

Ok, I've submitted it just a few minutes ago and I'm putting it up here as well. Now crossing fingers, toes and legs it will get nice reviews. I am expecting a few that will say it's too short, but I like it the way it is.
If you read it here first, please do go to the Lit site and vote/comment there as well(make sure to stay on each page for a minute to make sure it's a valid vote, we all hate those sweeps they do at the end of the contest)

This will take you to the story on Lit.

I really had fun writing this little thing, only took me one evening and then a day or two to work out the kinks and enhance the theme and incorporate some welcome feedback.