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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Vega Brothers: Julius

Vega Brothers: Julius Vega Brothers: Julius by Kim Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the vega brothers return just a few days late, their father passed away. thinking nothing of it their whole world is turned upside down when their father presented them with a videotaped will. find a mate with a year OR lose the ranch. with a later added addendum that the first pairing should happen within a month.
drawing the burnt matchstick, julius is the first one who should find a mate. no clue as to where to find one he finds an online website for mail order brides in hopes of finding at least someone he might like.
ava was drunk, ava sent something wrong to her boss, ava broke up with her deadbeat, now ex, boyfriend and remembers something about signing up as a mail order bride. when a text pops up from the other side of the county she's feeling adventurous. having lost her job and nothing is really happening for her she figures that taking a leap of faith could never be wrong. she packs up some cloths and starts the 11-hour drive. when she meets Julius she can't help but hit it off right away. he seems suite the catch, handsome, strong. as she meets his brothers she gets some mixed signals and a comment made here and there makes her curious about what is going on because that something isn't spoken about is as clear as day.
the start of another fast, paced, sizzling and captivating series. and you know things ain't finished because there are three more brothers who need to find a mate!

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