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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Vega Brothers: Alexander

Vega Brothers: Alexander Vega Brothers: Alexander by Kim Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the most reluctant of the bunch and how he crumbled at the sight of the one meant to be his. for years he battled his polar bear, keeping him subdued and caged. he will not take a mate, ever. not even to make sure they get to keep the ranch! hell no!
when elena, ava's sister, arrives at the ranch, she feels a bit overwhelmed by the vega brothers. they're all big, handsome, great sense of humor, did she mention gorgeous? all of them warned her about alexander, the fourth brother, he was grumpy and not really social and he was best avoided.
what she didn't expect was a behemoth of a naked man appearing out of the forest and kidnapping her like he did it every day. she was scared at first but when this man introduced himself and went out of his way to accommodate her her fear turned into curiosity and fascination. sure he was a bit gruff but he wasn't anything like his brothers told he was.
she knew about shifters, so she partly understood why he may be acting the way he did. she didn't think that it could work both ways.
with very limited time the two of them spend all their time together.

i would have thought that alexander's battle would have gone a whole other route, so i was surprised with how it really went down. that inner battle is lost or won at some point in time! and elena is just perfect, sassy to boot! fitting right in.

really enjoyed this story and can't wait for hannibal's

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