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Sunday, November 15, 2015


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the boys are back in town!
things come to a boil in this book. things get started, things are set into motion and endings are made!
miller and the rest of the club are having a hard time accepting the loss of one of their members. as president, miller knows he can't just sit back. they all want revenge but getting it won't be easy!
join the club and miller as they set out for one of the break or make moments their club will have to endure!
i loved this story, the struggles, the hardship. it's real as real can feel. i loved watching SOA, this series just takes me right back to that! 6 stars if possible.

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Review: Semper Fi - A Bbw Stepbrother Romance

Semper Fi - A Bbw Stepbrother Romance Semper Fi - A Bbw Stepbrother Romance by D H Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

erik and darlene, step siblings. the first was always showered with praise and attention, the second resulted in being a bad girl to try and get the same from their parents. when erik returns home from deployment with an honorable discharge after losing a leg, darlene starts to see him in a different light. she has some issues accepting him how he is now, that he never wanted all the attention in the first place.
he on the other hand struggles with being back, no purpose and unwilling to accept help. he's only escape is drinking, something that almost drives darlene away from him too.
what they start to feel for one another is forbidden but they won't stop it.
the PTSD could have been brought to the forefront a bit more, he was a bit too accepting of the fact he lost his leg but then falls into a black hole he sees no way out of.
despite this it was still a good read with conflict and drama, some nice hot scenes and some soulsearching.

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Review: Avenge

Avenge Avenge by Kaye Blue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

in this part we get to know one of the other mob families. it's gritty and it shows things the way they are, cruel, bloody and raw.
used to the lifestyle he knows he'll never get to be the number one, he's a bastard's son, nothing more, nothing less. when the current head of the familiar decides to pass on the reigns due to ill health, he's surprised to find a young woman tending him, a woman he doesn't know who she is. he never came across a request to do a background check on her. he doesn't trust her, yet he's intrigued by her demeanor, un phased as she is around them all.
she finally made it! she infiltrated the family that destroyed her brothers life. she's determined to end things but meeting "him" makes her doubt everything. when he shows up at her doorstep she fears the worst but ends up having the time of her life!
how will these two make it work? or is their past catching up? so much is at play when both battle their demons, hoping to make the right decisions there is so much at stake!

what a story! so much hardship to overcome. it's a different world that of a mobster but it feels so real. the choices that are made ...
loved it from start to finish, even the cringe worthy parts!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Winter Magic: Winter Solstice Run

Winter Magic: Winter Solstice Run Winter Magic: Winter Solstice Run by T.L. Reeve
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

a nice story to warm you up for the season to come!
Kallum knows Fawn is his true mate only she's having none of it. every easy attempt he makes to get closer she rebuffs. in a big effort to win her over he start leaving her little sweet nothings, hoping to win her over that way. she's none the wiser they're coming from him. sadly when he wants to leave his last gift he gets busted by her best friend, he knows his good luck ran out now but he's pleasantly surprised her friends agrees to help him. he tells her of his last big gesture and he can use her help with this.
now the question is going to be how Fawn will react to this all, she adores the little presents even though she has no clue who they're coming from.

you can't say anything wrong about this story, it's sweet, warm,emotional, even if you hadn't read previous books in this series it's not a turn off. things are kept pretty vague as not to distract from the characters leading this story.
really loved it!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Call Me Killer

Call Me Killer Call Me Killer by Linda Barlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

he's seen as the black sheep in town since they all think he actually murdered his former girlfriend. he knows he hasn't, she just vanished without a trace! but still the stigma stays with him. yet he manages to find himself a stray girl that jumps into his car and urges him to drive off, fast!
he's not too happy to have her on board but he can't help but somehow be curious about her.
she's too smart mouthed and without much trouble sweet talkes herself into staying, which he allowed, for one night. right ... one day and she's already snooping around on his computer, lecturing him about it not being safe enough, to easy to hack ... it doesn't take her long to find out who he is but it also doesn't take her long to know for sure he didn't do what the whole town accuses him off. loving mysteries and puzzles she's drawn to his predicament. with enough talking he begrudgingly allows to look further.
this is the start for a very daring, straining journey for them both. it doesn't take them long to end up in bed together either.

this isn't just the story of a bad boy but a story that covers so much more. i loved this from start to finish, every twist and turn and how these two grew to be so much for each other. an awesome read!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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