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Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Marauder Cygnus

Marauder Cygnus Marauder Cygnus by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cygnus escaped with his brother, but only bearly. now his pod is out of fuel and he's drifting in space. his race is en route to earth to overtake them and force them to mate with his race but his brother tried convincing him that is the wrong thing to do. and now he's drifting, hibernating.
aura is alone on her ship and it's AI. nothing is wrong until suddenly all hell breaks loose and she has to make some on the spot decisions. the ships computer has found a pod in space and at the same time detected an space pirate ship. trying to escape she manages to load the pod unto her cargo ship but fails to escape the pirate ship.
when she quickly investigates the pod she didn't suspect to find a huge purple looking dude with ears on top of his head and no clothes on. when the pod stirs to live and opens up, at the same time waking up the purple dude, aura can't get over the fact how tall, huge and handsome he is (in all places *wink*).
the dominant behavior in cygnus would get on my nerves real quick if it wasn't for the fact that aura doesn't take his crap for granted and even uses his code of honor against him (she's tricky like that that). he proves more then once he's one hell of a fighter, in both his forms : marauder and bear. they manage to escape the pirate ship and manage to land on mars, the planet where cygnus' brother was last detected. but things just can't ever go smooth. the pirate captain has managed to make them the most sought after couple and it's with hard battle and great cunning they manage to escape and look for his brother.

the dialogue between cygnus and aura is just to die for, his internal voice a hoot to boot. this is really what made the story stand out. he really has his own way of thinking but you see it change as the story develops and he starts to see things for what they really are, not for what he's learned in the past.
a wonderful, outstanding, captivating and humorous read!

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