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Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: Silver Moon

Silver Moon Silver Moon by Merryn Dexter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what a tale. silver ellis needs a change in her live after her only parents passes also. but the change of scenery didn't bring the change she craved. her students didn't care if they learned anything, not when a ten year old states very firmly that the only skill she laters needs is being pretty enough to find her a well off boyfriend (putting this politely). there is only one student in her class that is making an effort but just that student hasn't shown up for some days now and silver takes it upon herself to check up on said student.
she didn't expect to walk in on a shooting, not thinking she could clearly hear who was there and their names. her only saving grace were the police sirens already coming near prompting the killer and his goons to take of.
at the police station they are well aware she's a witness they will have to protect and putting her in the normal witness protection program ain't gonna help her. that's where the wolfpack comes in. they are aware of the gang in town and are wel equipped to keep her safe.
as silver is whisked of to pack-land, jesse the officer who saved her, is already working hard to figure out to keep her safe and where.
Kirk wasn't happy when jesse showed up with the human woman. he wasn't kind, he didn't want companionship in any way, shape or form. but now jesse, his alpha, had to order him to keep the frail woman safe.
it was the biggest and meanest man silver ever laid eyes on, but at the same time she could see there was more to his facade of indifference. days pass and things between them are starting to get rather uncomfortable in certain places and when it's only two people between four walls someone is bound to snap sooner or later!

what pasts do people have to conquer to get the HEA they deserve? who do they have to fight: the bad guys? old demons from the past?

well build story, with a nice closed ending for this couple who got there in the end. there was passion, there was drama, action... something for everybody.

free copy given in exchange for en honest review.

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