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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review: Her Wolf

Her Wolf Her Wolf by Rebecca Royce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ashlee has one male on her mind, but he's hairy, silent, broody and solitary. and he walks on four paws ....
she's drawn to the lone wolf each time she passes his enclosure. he's never interacting with the rest of the pack. one day when she's thinking about the wolf she breaks her one rule and actually talks to him. what she didn't expect was for him to talk back to her in her mind!
tristan doesn't know what comes over him when the one female talks to him and seems to understand him. captured and trapped for months now, tristan can't shift back without giving away he's a shifter. but now that ashlee can hear him, he knows he has to get out, and fast.

what follow is a revealing conversation and a lot of convincing. when ashlee comes to free him during the night, he hoped he would have a shot at going home without much trouble. but they didn't even get of the parking lot as they're attacked. his brother rushes in to safe achlee but tristan is growly. for one he's holding his brother responsible for him being captured, convinced he had something to do with it. secondly he got his paws on ashlee!

with this whirlwind start we get thrown into the deep end, or rather ashlee is. a whole new world opens up to her, family secrets are shared and told. pragmatic as she is, she rolls with the flow. she doesn't just accept things but she doesn't whine about them either. she just wants to understand. a whole heap of troubles is now on her plate and ashlee is now the only one who can sort out these troubles, with the help of her newfound pack.

captivating read, it had a nice pace to it. never did i feel like a scene was being dragged out. it had a nice build up, loved the characters.
well done rebecca royce

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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