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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: SEAL's Bride: A Secret Baby Romance

SEAL's Bride: A Secret Baby Romance SEAL's Bride: A Secret Baby Romance by Vivian Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

sawyer came back. more then a decade he's been back and gone, his last stint keeping him away for 4 years. when he's called back by his father, presenting him and his two brothers with an ultimatum about the ranch, he didn't think he could enjoy being back. the three of them had to make plans, secure age old handshake deals.
what sawyer wanted most was to get back to remy, the one girl who was always there, the one girl who knew him like no other. but whenever he mentioned her name his brothers acted cold and evasive. when he volunteered to talk with her family about the family deal, he was nearly chased from their property.
something wasn't adding up but despite it all he still wanted her and only her.
slowly he manages to break through her wall and he has a bit of hope. but then there came that one cal and 6 words that changed everything : your son is in the hospital.

this secret has been looming over their connection since the start of the story, people being evasive, her own views on what to do or not to do.
he may be a bad ass ex SEAL but they still grew up and lived in a small podunk christian town. her having a child out of wedlock didn't really help things along.

it's an emotional ride as you see both battling with their feelings both only wanting one thing in the end: happiness.

vivian, his brothers still remain single hint hint

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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