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Friday, May 27, 2016

Review: Reborn Vampire Romance: Blood Courtesans

Reborn Vampire Romance: Blood Courtesans Reborn Vampire Romance: Blood Courtesans by Michelle Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Myra only sees one option if she wants to give the care her mother deserves : become a blood courtesan. this means she lies about her experience. after a quick back and forth she's accepted and is primped from head to toe in a gorgeous but revealing outfit. she's to meet Kristos, a vampire who's know to "test" out new courtesans.
her entry is more then jaw-dropping, her reaction understanding. after being convinced to join him for dinner everything looks like smooth sailing. until they are showered with a rain of bullets. Kristos is convinced they're after him, dragging Myra with him he tries his best to keep her safe.
this is the start of a tale full of twists and surprises and revelations. really enjoy this new world of vampires!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review: In Denial: A friends-to-lovers gay romance

In Denial: A friends-to-lovers gay romance In Denial: A friends-to-lovers gay romance by Devyn Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tony and Bobby, two friends who grew up together and were best friends since the day they met. when they get together after summer break both seem to feel something between them has changed and neither knows how to talk about the elephant in the room.
when a chance encounter during the night lets them open up to each other, things go really fast for the two young men. then there is the issue IF to go public and the consequence of taking that step!
a lighthearted story that touched one of those subjects that are never really talked about but are a reality!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Released: Aliens, Myths, & Magic:

Released: Aliens, Myths, & Magic: Released: Aliens, Myths, & Magic: by Sylvina Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

the prequel and first book in this series were awesome reads, this one delivers just as good, if not better!!
we meet macaela and her twin. at a young age they were kidnapped, their parents killed and ever since they were used as test subjects, year after year.
but they didn't display all their powers or downplayed the extent of them. macaela could easily escape the facilities but she didn't want to leave her brother behind. when the guard that is normally groping her in every unseen corner changes his attitude around her, she suspects something is off with him and she decides to follow him on the outside. her brother doesn't like it one bit, especially not when she's going further then she ever has before.
but what she finds out might just be their salvation and the means to their escape.
this story is well build that telling more would only make it look like a complicated book while it isn't. you just have to pick up a copy and read for yourself! it is that good. can't wait for more in this series.

free copy won in a competition and leaving a honest review in return.

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Review: Sealed to the Alpha Wolf

Sealed to the Alpha Wolf Sealed to the Alpha Wolf by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

what a ride this story was!!! loved the characters, loved the bickering, loved the interaction. the hints from their pasts only will give you question and the need to know more about the others in the squad!
Haller is off duty, but on cal, when he's visiting a bar, always in hope of finding his true mate. sure he had been a womanizer in the past but lately he's longing for a family and pups. when his eye falls upon Celia, his wolf is very happy. he knows he can't really push for things but what he can do is get to know her and hope he can spend some time with her. their attraction is like oil on a hot plate: sizzling.
celia wakes up alone though she had hoped Haller would still be next to her. what should have been a nice morning waking up together quickly turns into the worst situation when her stalker ex forces himself upon her.
haller had been called away from celia, with pain in his heart he had left her bed, but barely twenty steps away his wolf had bad feelings and wanted him to return and check up on her. what he walked into was more then his wolf could take and he ends up killing the man. what follows has them all in a twist. celia is grateful that her ex can't stalk her anymore, she understands that it puts haller in a difficult situation being a former SEAL. but when his lawyer approaches her and tells her what is also going on, who they really are and what will happen if she has to testify.
what started as a one night stand for her now ends in a real, on the go wedding, and a thirty day charade to convince the court it is real. as one by one his shift squad members start appearing they're sure more is going on then them having to parade as a married couple.
but how far does the charade go? will it stay a charade?

awesome read and i can't wait to read the rest of this series!

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Review: Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance

Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance by Danielle Slater
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devlin has only one purpose in life: living for his job! When he collides with his soon-to-be-brother in lin, his father takes drastic steps to prevent him from making the same mistakes he's made. he shut devlin out of the company and out of the building. he's getting 30 days to proof that he can have a life outside of the business and can control his temper.
that's where ayron comes in. hired by his father, she's more then surprised to find out the man she's taking on as a new patient (only the patient isn't allowed to know he is a patient!) is the same brooding hunk she saw only days ago. she knew there was attraction between them but how is she going to juggle that attraction and her job? how long is she able to work around that little fact?
two people put together, not by fate, but together they grow stronger.
what will happen when the truth comes out?
thrilling, sizzling, steady and wonderful read. getting to know yourself isn't always easy, not when you were so used living life in a certain way. but when your eyes get opened, you can still miss the thing right in front of you or let your anger get the best of you!
it was a very enjoyable read with a nice fitting ending!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Bear in the Rough

Bear in the Rough Bear in the Rough by Ariana Hawkes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

xander is called home after a five year stint in the military. upon arriving he's asked to take over as alpha bear. near minutes after his father has announced the change in leadership his father dies. eventhough he's the new pack it still opens up a few issues. one his elder brother believing he should have been alpha; two the pack elders wanting him mated.
but keeping his fathers last words in mind he only wants to mate for love, not convenience.
taking over the leadership was the easy part, proving he's worthy is another ballgame. things only get more complicated when three dimwits kidnap three women who have seen them shift. one of them is familiar and has his bear in a tizzy. it's the same woman who encouraged to keep on fighting only days prior, a fight he needed to win to proof he was alpha!
having them here isn't easy. the majority of the pack wants them dead because of what they saw but he's not having it. as he grows closer to one of them he starts to realize it's up to him to take charge and not be lead by the actions of others!

knowing this is a first in series i can only be happy to know more will be coming. the fights are brutal but hey they are bears!!! with superfast healing!!
the emotional conflict jumps at you, you can't help but be sucked into the story. awesome read, well written, just what i expect from ariana hawkes!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Bad Boy Criminal: The Novel

Bad Boy Criminal: The Novel Bad Boy Criminal: The Novel by Olivia Hawthorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ashton escapes the convict truck when he's transported to another prison. his mc brothers have pulled a fast one and fred him. but he can't stay, he has only one goal : make it to mexico to get the evidence he didn't murder anybody! but when he broke out he got shot, he decided to go alone but when he's held at gunpoint at a farmer ranch he had no idea the little firecracker would be the one to patch him up and keep him going. that she'd be the one who would go with him, would save him. the one that had his mind and heart in conflict because she's an innocent!
but izzy isn't so innocent as she looks, she grew up "the system", going from one foster home to another, ending up with a very bad past! when ash walks into her life she can't really say why but he touches something inside of her and she's dead set on helping him anyway she can.

a thrilling and dangerous ride for these two as they try to get to the proof that would exonerate ashton once and for all.
family and brotherhood go hand in hand in this story. the sacrifice evident in their actions but the fight to keep going is even stronger!
enjoyed this fast paced story. who doesn't like a bad boy?

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Black Velvet

Black Velvet Black Velvet by Elianne Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

when joy has no real other choice but to leave her old ground because of her complete pack being slaughtered, she ends up with Eryma pack. she knew the first few days were going to be settling in, but when she started training she started noticing that everyone in the pack was avoiding her, not even making eye contact, a hello or a wave. like she didn't exist for them. the only one who finally stepped up and actually worked out with her alone was the pack alpha warren. her wolf is very interested in him but if the pack wouldn't even acknowledge her then why would the alpha?
after a strenuous training session joy can't help but be frustrated, training didn't ease one bit of the stress that was building up inside of her. in the heat of the moment she admits to warren what she really wants. his reaction isn't what she was expecting but when he returns with a tiny piece of paper and a simple request to be there at a certain hour to solve all her problems she starts having a little bit of hope.
when she finally is able to enter "black velvet" her hopes grow even more, when she goes over the D/s contract she can't help but be giddy. Warren is a Dom! could this be the HEA she was looking for?
join joy and warren as they come together as master and servant, see how the battle through their feelings of acceptance in search of that one thing they all want : happiness.

this isn't hardcore bdsm! it's light and easy, rules are discussed and respected! things i very much like to see incorporated when it even hints at anything BDSM related. writing is make belief but for so many people reading a book is like escaping reality into another reality that feels just as real. i enjoyed how they learned from and with each other, boundaries, rules. and then there is the pack to keep in consideration too because warren is the alpha after all.
so many little things that make a simple thing very complicated.
but i really enjoyed reading this book and i can only hope, because we saw a few familiar pack people inside the club, this isn't the last one in this world!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review: Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance)

Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) Geek Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

it had to happen sometimes : the maker of mate.com finding his mate. only he wasn't so willing with the finding part. he was more like very surprised when he got talked into a rescue bear meeting only to find one beautiful curvaceous woman sitting at a table at the lodge. a woman who clearly knew who he was and what he was to her. and now he had to break her heart and send her away!! because even-though he created mate.com he vowed there was one thing he'd never take : a mate!
willow was glad to get away from her place, away from the stalker. hopeful to find something, someone to change how her life was going. meeting corey was odd, she thought he was looking for a mate. why else would he be on mate.com? but when he explains it are his co-workers that kinda tricked her she's more understanding about his situation.
what she can't help but feel is the pull towards him. she did enough research for a book to know what is happening and staying around him won't be helping both of. yet corey can't stay away from her.
will corey be able to find who is stalking her? will his anger towards his co-workers and fellow bears be blinding him to what is in front of him? to make him realize his past isn't his future?

i'm a sad pandabear that this series is over. i devoured every single Book i was lucky to have been given to read/review.
once i read the first book "geek bear" was the one bear i was looking forward to read about. this book did not disappoint one bit! it is a beautiful ending to this series. but i heard from a little bird it is not the end for this world so i'm living with hope we'll meet them again later one!!

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Review: Dragon's Heat

Dragon's Heat Dragon's Heat by Crystal L. Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

drago had been restless for a while, decades even. when, together with his brothers, he's presented with a the "offer" of slaves, one of them catches his interest right away. when he steps closer she has his dragon in a fits. the state she's in has him, dragon and man, on the verge of breaking out and killing the human who presented the women to his and his brothers as a piece offering.
drago has only eyes for her and before his brothers could get closer and figure out why he was interested he whisked her up and away to his private room.
kara was terrified of the dragonshifter. captured and forced to be a slave, she saw no other way out as to start starving herself, but even that wasn't enough to avoid her final chapter. what she didn't imagine was this shifter actually taking in the state she was in and wanting to take care of her. everything he says and does only comforts her, making it harder for her to hate him. when he makes her an offer she can hardly refuse she's lost with what to do. but the quick attraction that is growing between them is also overruling her mind.
will drago and kara find common ground to make the best of their situation or will both have to dig a bit deeper and confront their emotions.
i really enjoyed reading the story of these two. the "other" story that goes through the series as a red line is moving forward step by step. i only started this series late and started with this book (rest will follow!) and it wasn't hard to pick up on this story line and intrigues.

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Review: Rebel Angel: A Sainted Sinners Novel

Rebel Angel: A Sainted Sinners Novel Rebel Angel: A Sainted Sinners Novel by Vivian Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we learned about aurora in the previous book and also learned she's in danger. now that vesper and kirael are together, they're keeping an eye on her without aurora really knowing. when word is going around they're close to finding aurora, vesper see now other way as to confront her roommate and tell her she knew what and who she is for a while now and that she has the means to help protect her. aurora is shocked and reacts in the only way she knows : packing up and leaving town faster then you can imagine.
at least that was her plan as she made her way down outside her window but before she even reached the grounded was found and was bolted left right and center. when she loses her footing she knows her life is forfeit but she doesn't even reach the ground. Ezra, friend and fellow fallen angel of kirael, swoops in and rescues her.
this rescue is the start for a dangerous route for both of them on many different levels. both will have to come to terms with their past and future and specially with the present and each other.
i really liked the first book in this series and this one is even better. also love that appearance of some familiar faces.
the battle between good and evil isn't always fair but when you can end it on neutral ground is when you find your happiness!!

copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Bare Knuckle Kodiak: BBW Paranormal Romance Bear Shifters

Bare Knuckle Kodiak: BBW Paranormal Romance Bear Shifters Bare Knuckle Kodiak: BBW Paranormal Romance Bear Shifters by Kim Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

wyatt wyatt wyatt, he's one eager bear who's set to find his fated mate. the steps he undertakes when more female shifters enter their little place (four buildings don't really qualify as a real town). one by one he's asking all the lady shifters for a date only to be turned down by every single one.
roxy is one of these shifters and she just wants a change from it all, hooking up isn't in her agenda. but when not one but two shifter set their eyes on her it's the last thing she wants. she finds wyatt a bit of a nuisance but when he keeps popping up and trying his best to please her she can't help but start to like him.
the other shifter just givers her the creeps, no if or but's about that one. roxy isn't sure how to handle all of the drama, she only wanted to be left alone. AND THEN her bear decides to step in and connect with wyatt.

if you think their troubles are over, you're wrong!

be quick to pick up this particular copy because for a very short time you get the complete collection for the price of just one book!

i really enjoyed these books , from the first to the last. the camaraderie between these bears is just cute (no matter they're big and bulky!) the things they do for each other to woo their mate is just sweet . the fights and challenges they face head on to win their mates are emotional and strong!

a lovely series to have on your kindle!!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Protector

Protector Protector by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

that last of the brothers, the end of this saga. 15 years ago their parents were killed in a car crash but garret never believed it was just an accident. years of looking and searching has not brought information. as a last resort he turns to a PI. he expected to find an old man with a belly, not a young beautiful woman that had his heart pumping blood to regions he would prefer to keep a low profile for the time being.
when hiring her starts a string of events he knows he's getting close to the truth. but the attraction he feels for the PI just grows and when they're returned sparks fly all over the place.
with danger catching up to them as they find out more of what really happened there is a big question of their budding romance having a chance to survive, if they survive themselves first that is!!

what an ending for the brothers!!! i can't say much more then i was a sad puppy when i mentally saw the words "the end" moving across the page. i can only secretly hope roxie will find some handsome family members to add a book or two (maybe male and female twins from a third cousin twice removed!)

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

(sorry for the tardiness!!)

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Review: Ride: A Bad Boy Romance

Ride: A Bad Boy Romance Ride: A Bad Boy Romance by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

you know that one mistake when you made when you were young and drunk? that one mistake you hope stays in the past? but you can't seem to ever forget about?
mae guthrie has such a mistake. when she's called in to replace a photographer at the rodeo-track, she wasn't expecting her past catching up with her. a past that grew up from young adult ale to one handsome man.
he's like a forbidden fruit dangling himself in front of her. she knows she can't get involved with him, it could cost her her job.
but temptation is hard to resist.
jackson cody couldn't believe his eyes. that one girl, that one that always invaded his dreams, the one he never had but the one that captivated him the most. back in his live and he's told to stay away from her! that's one rule he's more then happy to break. mae stirs feelings in him that he long thought dead, his interest in the rodeo bunnies died instantly.
with stolen moments throughout the event jackson and mae strengthen the connection they made as young adults but the feelings that grow aren't just puppy love feelings. forced apart by work they can't wait to plant to meet up again when mae is asked to snap pictures at the next rodeo event.
will the feelings still be there? what happens when things go bad for one of them?
will they go public? or will it be the end to everything?

emotional, sizzling, hot,.... it touches all the right spots to make a good story! the attraction was undeniable. their naughty time was invigorating and inspiring *winks* adored the book and ending!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Predator

Predator Predator by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

living in obsidian isn't easy for seth and his family, old legendary tales held against him and the rest of his family just make it hard to make a living at all. when he's on route to the only person willing to have him on the job, his century old car finally breaks down. against all odds a car pulls up, revealing to him one of the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, offering him a ride to work. en route you can feel there is some mutual attraction and seth jumps at the chance and asks her out.
at home later that day, things don't really progress in a positive manner when he digs through months old of closed and is more then surprised to find letters stating their land could be sold right from under them if they can't produce some kind of proof the land is indeed theirs.
combine this all together with the new girl in town working for the same mining company that is trying to buy their land and a whole lot of confusion and misinterpretations hit the fan.
as things get serious and turn into a race against time one will start to wonder if all those legendary tales are just that, tales or if there is some truth in them?
you want to know about the legends? you'll have to pick up a copy of this book and find out for your self. loved this new introduction to this new kind of shifter. it was fast paced but very much a joy to read!!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Jared

Jared Jared by V. Vaughn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

courtney always had a crush on jared but he never really noticed her around. doing the thing she loves most she surprised when all of a sudden some kind of vision overtakes her senses, a vision that shows jared running towards her, a shot being fired and jared being hit.
when she looks out of her window she see jared running up, without hesitating she runs outside shouting and running up to him to tackle him to the ground. thrust together by circumstances out of their hands jared and his bear finally acknowledge who courtney is to them. things start moving at a fast pace as courtney has to make a few tough choices about her life and future, whether she wants jared in it or not.
fast paced story that leads to another HEA.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Belize

Belize Belize by Kimberly Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we join the gang as they're heading to Belize for Tanya and Ethan's wedding.
Cynthia is happy for them but she can't help outing a bit, all of her friends are here with either their husband or boyfriend and she's here alone!
on top of it all she's forced to bunk with aunth ophelia, the nightmare of all roommies unless you like p0rnmovies, an abundance of sex toys and a sex drive with no moral compass and all that in the package of 50+ old lady!
trying to have a moment to herself she finds a secluded spot at the beach but what she sees appearing before her eyes has her on high alert. like a true god of the sea she sees a naked man making his way out of the see and towards her. she can't deny he looks pretty impressive, build like a tank hung like a ... you know that. when they verbally spar she can't help but admire him. his innuendo's left aside he would be someone she could have fun with.
but she swore of one night stands, what she wants not is a steady boyfriend, soon-to-be husband, a house with a picket fence and kids.
chase takes one look at her and knows he wants her but she's not having it. she's admitting their attraction but is very clear she's not after a one night stand but that she wants more.
chase has got to come to terms that his personal position has changed but hoping for another outcome never killed anyone. in his persue to get cynthia where he wants her, he starts seeing things the way they are, he even starts to understand his brother Ethan but he's conviced HEA isn't in his future.
or is it?
will cynthia cave for the relentless charm chase keeps firing at her?
will chase accept his new future ?
and what about that bïatch stephanie? (oh yeah she shows up too ...)

what a joy this was to read, the verbal sparring was fun to read, the payback even better! revenge is best served itchy hihi
can't wait to meet the gang again in aruba!!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Elder: Reckless Desires

Elder: Reckless Desires Elder: Reckless Desires by Holley Trent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

two broken people, two pasts that last their scars literally and physical!
when esther is given permission to leave the pack with her kids after her husband/mate died, she doesn't know how fast she has to leave!
with bearly any belongings with her she only knows one location to go to but getting there is hard. she has no means to actually contact anyone there and she doesn't have any current numbers. getting as close as her dwindling money gets her, she knows she is close. weary, tired and close to giving up she makes one last effort and with her last few credits on her phones she contacts a number, she found be sheer luck, in norseton. she doesn't know how fast she has to tell everything, who she is, who she's looking for and that she has no means of getting further.
enter nixon, a wolf heading back to norseton, asked to sent proof that esther is who she says she is and to bring her with him, together with her kids. being one of the older single wolves there is something about esther that has his wolf on high alert, despite the of another male wolf marking her as taken. when he hears her mate is dead he dares to think of something more. but her past and his own proof to be some obstacles they have to overcome before both belief that lady fate means well with pairing the two of them.

this was a wonderful story about embracing the future, dealing with the past and so much more emotional stuff. liked that these characters were already older and with a heavy past that wasn't all sunshine and butterflies.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Fairy Tales with a Shift: Complete Collection

Fairy Tales with a Shift: Complete Collection Fairy Tales with a Shift: Complete Collection by Cara Wylde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

a very lovely boxed set with five different but very well known fairy-tales, all given a make-over by cara wylde.
one is a bit darker, another a bit lighter but all of them are wonderful short reads if you want to pass time and dream away for a little bit.
i was able to read these books before they were published and i loved every single one of them!
i'm to add the full collection to my library (i'm a big fan of boxed sets!)

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Review: Bearly Sleeping

Bearly Sleeping Bearly Sleeping by Cara Wylde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

you can guess which fairytale this story is based on. like how cara gave it her own twist.
princess rose tries her best to look like how her friends think she should look. the same friends who keep nudging her about the curse and that it's only a myth, that the curse isn't real. the day she turns 18 her friends convince her to go with them and test of the curse is real or not.
tavian tries to talk her out of it, he always like her when they grew up and his feeling for her only grew but knowing that she was already promised to a prince he kept a lock on those feelings. when she doesn't listen to him he knows he has to find a way to neutralize the curse before it's time was up.

join us in the last of this series fairy-tales with a twist. they're short, they're recognizable and they all end with a HEA befitting a fairy-tale!
enjoyed these sweet short reads.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Whiplash: A Sports Romance

Whiplash: A Sports Romance Whiplash: A Sports Romance by Tabatha Kiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

what a ride this was!!
junior is in awe when the footballteam is invited to the new coach' house. former footballer turned coach Pierce has chosen his school to coach. after introductions are made junior's eye fals onto a pretty girl walking through the house. quickly introducing himself he learns she's the coach' daughter, eliza.
his reputation as womanizer precedes him but something about her has him going back to her and pushing all her buttons. that the coach has tod the team she's off limits just passes him by. he's drawn to her witty remarks and her ability to stands up to him and not take his crap, no matter how honest he is.
eliza knew al about junior morgan, the school hotshot footballer, the rising start, the young man that had more scratches on his bedpost then a man doing life in prison. she knows she shouldn't see him, not even interact with him. but putting him in his place feels good! and she can't really deny the attraction between. with each time they meet he manages to break down her walls and not long after they're hooking up more times then not.

days turn into weeks and months but they keep getting together, eliza even tutoring him to keep up his grades. everything seems to go in their favor but one mistake threatens to destroy everything they had!!

what a ride this was! whiplash certainly is a title best describing this story. the dialogue between these two keeps you on your toes. to see both of them grown and stand up for what they want was inspiring to read. i'm more then pleased how it ended.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: Burn This! (A 300 Moons Book)

Burn This! (A 300 Moons Book) Burn This! (A 300 Moons Book) by Tasha Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

another awesome 300th moon story by tasha black.

we meet johnny as he's performing for thousands of people. with sheer luck does he avoid being outed as something not entirely human. when he talks over the phone with his "mom he knows something has to happen. stubborn as he is he wants to deal with it on his own and he takes his clue from mom. he'll sign himself into a sanctuary.
neve is one of the nurses there and she instantly picks up something isn't quite right. he's too much of a text book case and she quickly puts one and one together. that there is a mutual attraction isn't helping either, making it even more difficult for neve because he is her patient!
despite keeping to himself johnny is having difficulties reigning in his animal, that a demon is set out to get him isn't helping either, on top of that that cut nurse is getting under his skin!
when the demon gets more dangerous by the day johnny has some tough choices to make. wanting to get rid of the demon makes him turn the whole place on fire because he finally relents and lets his dragon help him. but the choices he's faced with then are even harder to make!!

another wonderful masterpiece in this collection by miss tasha black. it's one you start reading and can't put down until you've finished it. in this case i was sad because i wouldn't have minded to read more about them, i have a feeling their story has only just begun! now i'm really curious as how things will turn out for the rest of the boys, now men.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance

Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance Blood Bond: Shifter Paranormal Romance by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

can i give this book a ten star rating?
the conclusion of this trilogy has me a bit sad because there is so much potential in this world!
blood bond picks up where wolf born ended. max is fighting for his life, Johannes, the head of the underground security doesn't really know what to do. well he does but it's something he doesn't take lightly to and it's something that isn't known in the shifterworld at all! but seeing max fighting to stay alive the choice isn't hard to make.
daria, a cat shifter has been a healer for hundred of years. when she's called to max' house she taken aback by what she walks into. mas lying in a pool of his own blood, so much blood that she doesn't understands why he still lives. johannes' excuse doesn't ring true to her but she hasn't much choice but take over the care for max. as events pass they get thrust together again.
despite her misgivings about johannes' honesty she can't help but to be attracted to the mystery man, her cat uppes the ante by claiming he's their mate.
but that doesn't fit with the plans johannes has about his own life, but even his own cat has a mind of it's own....

this conclusion of the trilogy is dramatic, eventful, emotional!! the turmoil the character go through in this book , there are no words for that!
the conclusion of the overall story is very satisfying, a very good ending for the ride it has taken us over the length of three books.
ann gimpel, you outdid yourself with this story!

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Review: Wolf Born

Wolf Born Wolf Born by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Max is leading a double life. his public persona of governor makes it possible for him to travel all around with a lot of resources. his not so public persona is him being the head of the underground that is trying to fight against the prejudice against shifters. trying to stop the culling and imprisonment of his fellow shifters.
just like all the other shifters he longs for his true mate and he knows exactly who she, where she and who she works for, but in all these months that she's been his PA she has declined every single dinner invitation. it was already a running joke between them, every end of the week he would ask her out and she would decline every single time.
audrey is happy to work for max, hiding her little crush on him as best as she could. every single time he asked her out she wished she should say yes but he was a public figure and her own sympathies were with the shifters giving her own diluted bloodline. she didn't want to drag him down with the little things she did to try and help the underground movement. knowing her time with max was soon over she makes up her mind and accepts his returning invitation to dinner.
mas is more then surprised when out of the blue audrey accepts. at least that shines a bright light on an otherwise gloomy day. somethings are happening one being a person trying to expose him as a shifter with barely no proof.
now with audrey giving in even more is at stake. but when the danger around him goes to an all time high max is forced to make some decisions. a lot is at stake. the underground, the other shifters, himself, audrey.
what choices will max make now so much is at stake?
a suspenseful second part in the underground trilogy. ann gimpel keeps on weaving the story and keeps us enthraled at the same time. these book are a bit of a longer read but so much worth the time spent reading! the underground isn't really left underground as this story goes on.
those who picked up book one really should read this one too because the story only gets better.

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Review: Roman's Gold

Roman's Gold Roman's Gold by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

a suspenseful start to this trilogy. each of the main stories could be read on their own but together and in order they bring you a tale like no other with a red line story going through all three books.
shifters came out but were then forced to go underground, only those with very dilated shifterblood were allowed in human jobs. those in law enforcement positions where also handpicked to receive serum that would enhance their shifter abilities but wouldn't allow them to shift.
one of those is devon. he's charged with following a a female who's suspected to be a shifter and needs to be apprehended. he didn't count on the fact that his shifterpart would wake up more when he's around the woman. it felt like another beying was waking up inside of him and she was the only one who could sate the beast.
kate had worked as a sex surrogate for some time now, it fit her nature specially since she was an unmated wolf. but when devon comes snooping around her practice kate is forced to make a few decisions. something about him seems off and has her wolf all riled up. when events puts them together they have to trust each other, themselves and their counterparts. for kate that comes a bit easier because she's a wolf by nature, devon on the other hand is more then surprised when he shifts for the first time, depending on kate to teach him the ropes.
devon figures out what makes it possible for him to shift and he isn't all too happy about the experimental serum he was given. not that he's unhappy with the outcome, but the way they're tricked into taking it and for what purpose ...
kate and devon need to really go underground and have a lot on their mind when they find out what is all going on. devon is even more surprised as to who is all part of the underground.

i'm not even starting to unravel the big picture story here but it's woven together so good even trying to only convey 10% of it would reveal so much! if you're a fan of ann gimpel you can safely and with a reassured heart pick up this first book in the trilogy and start an amazing journey!

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Review: Ski Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance)

Ski Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) Ski Bear (Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance) by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ski bear is someone that just grows on you. in all the books he's the light hearted one, the joker, the one who always sees the positive side of things. and now zach is getting his own HEA, i can only applaud that fact. but he doesn't get it the easy way, oh no, rather the opposite when the young woman he gets paired with is like his complete opposite. seeing she lives in Paris, france for some years he has himself convinced he can't live up to the fast pace high society life she must have had when she lived there.
masie has come home and is busy setting up a new pastry shop in fate mountain. her mother who works at the lodge does her best to convince her daughter to try out the dating app one of the rescue bears has made. according to her mother it really works and those bears are all looking for that one special lady to call their own. after some deliberation masie signs up and almost instantly finds a perfect match. it happens to be the same handsome stranger she ran across a few days ago at the lodge where her mother worked. when looking over his interests she can't really figure out why they would be a match, she doesn't even like skiing ...
but the brief moment they shared and the match made on the app puts them in a different ballgame.
will they find common ground and not change themselves for the other under the guise that it would be what the other would like?

this was a joy to read and i'm happy i had the privilege to read about zach. these rescue bear, they're something else!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: When I'm With You

When I'm With You When I'm With You by Harper Sloan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

at 18 emberly confessed her love for nate to nate, only she didn't get the reaction she was hoping for. their fragile friendship was completely shattered a few years later but at the present day - 6 years later- it's nate who's finally struggling and able to admit that for all those years it has always been emberly on his mind.
hurt one too many times emberly resulted in moving away from the tight knit family and avoiding the huge family dinners as much as she can. being around nate just hurts.
this was a very emotional journey for both and their families. what could resulted in real drama luckily is taken in stride, it's not forgotten! but it has been made understandable.
i simply devoured the original corpse security series, the men were wicked and born alpha's. their children really do reflect their parents in a lot of ways and still have an awesome personality of their own. with corpse security there was a lot more fighting and drama and real danger whereas with this series there is a lot more emotional turmoil going around. and both just work!
can't wait for the next book in this series!! curious which of the children is next!

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Review: Star Crossed, Teaser Boxed Set: Eight Steamy Excerpts

Star Crossed, Teaser Boxed Set: Eight Steamy Excerpts Star Crossed, Teaser Boxed Set: Eight Steamy Excerpts by Katalina Leon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

was pleasantly surprised by this box. i knew of a few of these authors and i enjoy their books a lot. it also gave me the opportunity to read a few that had crossed my radar but never got round to really try out. this boxed set gave me that chance.
michelle fox TL reeves, scenes can't get much hotter, reading more by katalina leon and the rest convinced me i have to find room on that huge to read pile! (or rather long list)
if you want them hot and sizzling this a set worth trying specially since for most of you it's currently free (do check before one-clicking)

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Taming Beastie

Taming Beastie Taming Beastie by Sedona Venez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

curvy hope has a secret, a secret that is keeping her from going after the one man the stirs her blood.
elijah "beastie beasti knew from the moment he saw curvy that she was their mate but the vibe she was sending out was "stay the hell away" so he did, for a whole year! but now his patience had run short. even his tiger had enough, it wanted its mate forever!
when curvy is more or less coerced to participate in an auction for charity she's more then reluctant to participate but she would be helping out a friend. when elijah ends up "buying" her she's cornered in more ways then one. elijah is making his feelings pretty clear and is demanding an explanation why she keeps him away from her. relenting to her own feelings of want and need she tells him her past.
when that past catches up to them it's a race against time to keep everyone safe!
Taming beastie was a thrilling read that kept you bound to your couch until you reach the end.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love Lucky in Love by Bethany Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

elly has fled her old job and her place to live due to her boss being a real creep. she didn't want him but when he got all possesive she had enough. she packed up and left for las vegas. and that's when her bad luck started. but luckily for her she's picked up at the side of the road, given a home and even a job. you think that would be the end of it but it's only just the beginning. when laik, the brother of the girl who picked her up, enters the picture her bad luck seems to increase tenfold. somethings not adding up!
laik is called in by his sister who's convinces elly is cursed in some way but he doesn't really belief her. that he's drawn to her is a whole different matter. things change for the worse when he finds out who her boss was. someone his company has been after for ages. when everything moves at high speed elly is swamped in a world were dragons are real, vampires aren't bloodsuckers and a succubus is well yeah still a succubus....
will the group be able to apprehend her boss?
what will laik do with the feelings he's developing for elly?
how is elly reacting to all the new supernatural stuff in such short notice?

a whirlwind of a story befitting this series. loved the characters and their personalities. even the vampire was a hoot as Elvis. really enjoying this series and i'm feeling rather lucky i'm able to read and review this series.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Wild Love

Wild Love Wild Love by Alisa Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the first book already sketches some of the past things that happened to the Wilding family. in this book we meet noah wilding. he also went through a lot of experiments and he also turns into a white wolf but there is more but he's keeping that to himself. now he works for the security firm that currently is hunting down the wolf hunter. somebody or some group that hates shifters is killing them in a public display. now the target is wildlove a dating app set up to hook up with either a human or shifter. several car bombs have already gone off, luckily without serious casualties. noah steps up for a date through the app in hopes of luring out the bomber. he didn't expect to find shy emily. she doesn't come across as someone who's after a one night stand. just when things were going smoothly all hell breaks loose and he has to leave her behind.
big is his surprise when the day after he meets her again but now as emily the head programmer for wildlove. he's positive she has nothing to do with the bombings but the rest of the team isn't so convinced. the best way to get to the truth is to stick by her side and try to find the real bomber.
as the two work closely together the attraction is growing too. when noah's wolf finaly lets him know what emily is to them he's more then confused. he's no mate material and the situation i far from ideal to even consider taking a mate. not to mention his past and his true origins!

this story picks up where the previous books stopped. the main story ends with no cliffhangers but the story woven through the books isn't finished, that one runs deep! the secrets and drame, danger and safehaven, the interactions and the charactres were all really wel build. really enjoyed reading this story.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Destined: Aliens, Myths, & Magic:

Destined: Aliens, Myths, & Magic: Destined: Aliens, Myths, & Magic: by Sylvina Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

having read the prequel helps putting things in perspective in this book, it's not a must read but as said: it helps.
toby finally has her coming to the place he loves frequenting but everything about that night is weird. the guys they met up with were creepy. they lured them out of the place. since then ryleigh hasn't seen toby and she gets whisked of to someplace else but everything feels blurry and she isn't sure what is really happening.
when both lukas and darius see what is happening right in front of them in their own club they can't be more at edge.
they have to get these humans to safety, specially the woman because there is something about her that has these two men in a twist.
as ryleigh's memory is partly wiped away to see what she'll do the day after she's back at their club like a boomerang wanting info about the whereabouts of toby. unbeknownst to her she stepping into a world of aliens and magic and a bond so rare that it takes a lot of talking before all parties involved understand what is going on and whether it is worth it or not.
for some reason ryleigh still isn't safe because more then once they try to take her and everytime they manage to get her back.
join these characters as they set out to fight evil and their own personal battles because there are a few that need to be fought.

really enjoyed the first full book in this series, the torment between them, the love and friendship, utterly perfect this part of the story has been finalized but i know there is more to come!

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Review: Warin's War

Warin's War Warin's War by Ann Gimpel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

gabrielle is tired of her job, her mind constantly wandering where it shouldn't be. enough is enough and she decides to quit. numbers simply aren't her thing, magic is. she's one of few that decided magic was the way to go and was linked with a fearie.
on her way home she feels a strange pull. when she sees from who the pull is coming she panics. the arch enemy of their kind is watching her, following her. she has every reason to be afraid because when either of the species meet one ends up dead!
but this one is different, the pull is different and he isn't attacking her at all. even better when others pick up on them he drags her with him and rescues them both. confused at what is going on and why she has to make the choice to trust him or to escape.
warin is tired of the endless battle, the earth is dying and something needs to be done. the balance needs to be restored but getting all parties to understand, well that's the hard part. when he runs into gabrielle he see what could happen if they bundle their resources. what isn't a bad thing is that gabrielles familiar fearie can help him get in contact with the other fearies to hear his plead.
as time goes on and they twarth danger after danger most starts to grow between them and when they join their powers it's clear what kind of path they all should be walking but it's convincing all others of it's importance that's going to be the hard part!

this was just a wonderful story, i'm secretly hoping this is not a standalone story in this world. there is so much potential for more pairings, more intrigue and trouble!! i had this on my to read pile for a while now, thinking, i have to read this, but something always came up but once i started reading : i couldn't put it down, it just had to keep on reading till the end! another masterpiece ann gimpel!

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Review: Bears Next Door

Bears Next Door Bears Next Door by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

a collection of four awesome stories all having a grizzly as the lead male. a fighter, ex-SEAL, firefighter and a cop, all jobs that just fit them perfectly.
but finding their mate and keeping her safe isn't always as easy as each story has a bad guy. but luckily they have a team of men they can fall back on to help them out!
if you have read one of these then you will like the others just as much! a real steal!

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Review: Unbearable Arms

Unbearable Arms Unbearable Arms by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

violet finds a tooth, one says it's thousands of years old, someone else says it's barely a few hundred years olds but what nodoby is saying who or what the tooth belongs too.
just when violet puts the tooth behind her things start happening fast. on her way home her car gets a blown tier, a stranger stopping to help her turns out to be her old neighbor asher. her old infatuation is back like it never went away, it never really did no matter what her friends told her. asher was that one boy and now that he's a man he's one fine specimen and he's back!
deciding to meet up together neither could know that they would meet a lot sooner!
put together by circumstances (or fate, who knows!) violet and asher have to battle a lot of things to make it through. violet learns a lot as to why asher was away for so long and she also learns his biggest secret. growing towards each other at a fast pace makes it even harder when they get separated!
will this tooth solve everything or will it be everybodies downfall?

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Review: Bearly Believing

Bearly Believing Bearly Believing by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

when summer is trying hard to find clue that the local mine is behind the decay of nature she didn't expect to stumble upon a dead bear. she also didn't expect to be found by the game warden and finding out the dead grizzly is actually a local shifter. gruff as the warden may seem there is something about him that interests her. she doesn't want to pursue it because she has only one thing on her mind : find proof the mine is at fault !!
chance doesn't know what to make of the situation when he finds a petite woman with dreads handling syringe, taking samples from a dead grizzly, a man he knew even. he can't do anything else but see her as a suspect no matter how adamant she is she didn't do anything, that she's here to try to proof the mine is behind it all, the death and decay of the nature!
both are headstrong and both want to find out the truth. for chance the truth also is that this woman is his perfect match, having his bear in full on lust modus! she's their mate and his bear wants him to claim her and make cubs, plenty of cubs.
will these opposites get together or is their stubbornness their downfall as they're having to work together to find out who's the killer.

another wonderful addition to the bear wardens! loved the other books in this series and this was on par with the others. you can read them as stand alones and out of order (i did), they're to the point with no overabundance of info you could find in those superlong books. liked the short sweet turn around of this one.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: DONKEY: A Stepbrother Sports Romance

DONKEY: A Stepbrother Sports Romance DONKEY: A Stepbrother Sports Romance by Stephanie Brother
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

trust together on a holiday retreat tilly and landon butt heads from the moment they meet. it was their respective parents' idea to bond as a family...
landon the womanizer, the cover model and athlete graced with a tool that befits his nickname. he's intrigued with tilly and her obvious dislike of him.
tilly, here against her will, appealed by landon's behavior. he's too much in her face, or rather his tool his and he doesn't mind mentioning it either.
what starts as bickering, turns to bantering and then to lust in a matter of days. but how will their family react? how will everybody else react?
whirlwind story about a forbidden love and how they conquer them all!

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review

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Review: His Every Desire: A Billionaire Seduction

His Every Desire: A Billionaire Seduction His Every Desire: A Billionaire Seduction by Krista Lakes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

i'm a bit in dubio about this book, there were parts where i thought this was going somewhere, other parts where i thought that just read well and are too far fetched or not properly portrayed to make the reader understand where she wants to take the story.
there are enough moments that could have been used to sketch the situation a bit more clear towards the reader. when you read the blurp about the book and then read the book, it's like reading two different things.
everything is told from her POV, we're not really shown his side of the story, or what makes him tick or why he craves what he does. if you want to explore this type of genre you have to really read up on the topic of dominance and control. at times it now felt like a person being low on life seizing the opportunity to use the riches of one man who has shown interest in her and using it for her own gain.
the potential is there to make it a thrilling emotional ride for all involved. the naughty scenes are well done, but again only one side is shown.

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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