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I'm a rookie writer enjoying the flow of words sprouting out of my fingers. Sometimes it goes easy, at other times it's a real struggle. I love and crave any kind of feedback, good or bad. I write when I can, but a husband, two kids, 4.2 cats (aging from 15 years to 4 months) do take up most of my time. Yet I found the time to try out something I never thought I was good at. I started writing. I came to love it and enjoy the new friendships I've made with fellow writers I simply adore (well I like the writers, but adore their work *grins*)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The new SIW!

Here we are with the full chapter. The next is already with Jaz , hoping to get it back in the next few days. Sadly for a while i won't get a final edit on these because my editor is going through a rough patch. understandably he's taking a temporary break from editing. he'll pick it back up when the time is right. if the edits are major i'll resubmit it on Lit, if minor i'll let it be as it is.

enjoy the read

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New chapter for "A New World Awaits"

I think the title says it all. This is more character forming instead of moving the story forward. That will come soon. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes, it seems to be a new fashion, so who am I to stay behind, right? *grins*

Here a little expert, or two, from the last complete chapter which is currently at the editor, so please forgive me should there be/feel anything wrong/off kilter.

First is one to keep you happy ;-) second shows how strong Mia is.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update time.

I have my proof back, but it needs a little bit of tweaking, but I'm sure after this draft it will get the Jaz stamp of approval.

I have already started the next chapter because it's just brewing in my head and just have to get it out.
Already have the third brother knocking at my door demanding where his story is LOL hunky as they are, they sure are demanding those Whelan "boys" *shakes head* but he will have to wait, there is Adam to sort out first.

I contemplated a long time in which order I would write them. Tell the tale of the three brothers then add the rest to it, or keep the stories chronological, at least as best as I can. they tend to intertwine on a few occasions, linking them all together. With that in mind I decided to stick to chronological, that means Adam is up next.

As you know from past chapter, Adam's start will be a rocky one. The story itself will be special too, special in the sense I'll be having a few "guest authors" working on the story as well. Yes I am a tease, No I'm not telling who, yet ;-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SIW update

I started the new chapter this week and I have to admit it's coming along nicely. That's something we'll all like I'm sure of that.
But Chris really has a one track mind, how typically male of him!!

Rest assured, they had "their moment" and are now moving forward.

I'm going to try not to be optimistic about the muse's return home, you never know how fickle they are!

Anyways, now you know i haven't forgotten you'll.

I'll be posting the nex chapter to ANWA soon, just some proofing, just a few days more.