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I'm a rookie writer enjoying the flow of words sprouting out of my fingers. Sometimes it goes easy, at other times it's a real struggle. I love and crave any kind of feedback, good or bad. I write when I can, but a husband, two kids, 4.2 cats (aging from 15 years to 4 months) do take up most of my time. Yet I found the time to try out something I never thought I was good at. I started writing. I came to love it and enjoy the new friendships I've made with fellow writers I simply adore (well I like the writers, but adore their work *grins*)


(S indicates it's a shifter story V for vampires)

Anthologies :

11 Alpha Doms S
A Very Alpha Christmas 25 stories S
Alpha S
Alpha Heat 21 stories S
Alpha Fever 22 stories
Alpha Shifters After Dark S
Alpha Shifter Seductions S
Alphas Unleashed S
Bad Boys to the Core 10 stories
Beyond the Veil   S
Bite of the Moon (M Fox, E Boon, C Vale ...) S
Dark and Stormy Alpha Nights S
Dark Hallows S
Edge of Never S
Fated to be Mated 6 stories S
Flight of Dragons S
Happily Ever After 21 stories S
Happy Howlidays (Ameli Hunt writers) S
Hearts on Fire
Hot Knights and Fairy Tails S
Loving the Werewolf S
Masters of the Hunt: 16 stories S
Naughty, Nice and Paranormal S
Once Bitten S
Once Upon a Shifter S
Once Upon a Shifter 2 S
One Love Box Set : 6 stories
Portal to passion
Shifters Do It Better S
Shifters of GRRR 01 S
Shifters of GRRR 02 S
Shifter Wonderland 12 stories S
Spring Fever S
Star Crossed Teaser Box
Sugar, spice and shifter: A Touch of Holiday Magic S
Summer Shifter Obsession S
Summer Nights, Shifters Bites S
Taming the monster S
Things That Go Hump in the Night: 10 stories S
The VIP Room: 10 stories S
Under the Veil  S
Vampire Bites V
Vikings Untamed S
Wicked Alphas, Wild Nights 01 S
More Wicked Alphas, Wild Nights 02 S
More Wicked Alphas, Wilder Nights 03 S

Abbey Foxx


Ada Scott

Still a Bad Boy 01
Still a Bad Boy 02 : Submission Specialist

Alexis Abbott

Sold to the Hitman
Saved by the Outlaw
Captive of the Hitman

Alexis Dare

Just Bearly in Time S

Alisa Woods

The Wilding Pack 01 : Wild Game S
The Wilding Pack 02 : Wild Love S
The Wilding Pack 03 : Wild Heat S

Fallen Immortals 01 : Kiss of a Dragon S
Fallen Immortals 02 : Heart of a Dragon S
Fallen Immortals 03 : Fire of a Dragon S

Ana James

Fated Mates 01 Pacific Bear Clan : A Secret to Bear S
Fated Mates 02 Pacific Bear Clan : A Storm to Bear S

Ann Gimpel

Earth Reclaimed 01 : Earth's Requim
Earth Reclaimed 02 : Earth's Blood
Earth Reclaimed 03 : Earth's Hope

Dragon Lore 01 : Highland Secrets

Shadows in Time
Alpha's in the Wild S
Midnight Magic

Underground Heat 01 : Roman's Gold S
Underground Heat 02 : Wolf Born S
Underground Heat 03 : Blood Bond S
Underground Heat Trilogy S

Heart's Flame
Icy Passage
Warin's War S

Anna Antonia

Under His Hand

Anna Lowe

Serendipity 00 : Off the charts

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch : Desert Wolf 1-4 S (4 only in this bundle)
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch : Once Upon a Desert Moon 1-3 S

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 01 : Desert Hunt 00 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 02 : Desert Moon 01 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 03 : Desert Wolf 01 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 04 : Desert Wolf 02 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 05 : Desert Wolf 03 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 06 : Desert Blood 02 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 07 : Desert Fate 03 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 08 : Desert Heart 04 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 09 : Desert Rose 05 S
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch 10 : Desert Yule 06 S

Shifters in Vegas 00 : Betting on her Dragon CIV 02 S
Shifters in Vegas 01 : Gambling on Bear S

Arabella Abbing


Ariana Hawkes

Ravished by the Ice Palace Pack S

Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 01: Dina S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 02: Kristin S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 03: Melissa S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 04: Andrea S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 05: Lori S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 06: Adeira S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 07: Timo S
Shiftr : Swipe Left for Love 08: Jessica S

Christmas Bear Shifter 01 : Bear Home for Christmas S
Christmas Bear Shifter 02 : Bear Mine for Christmas S
Christmas Bear Shifter 03 : Bear My Perfect Gift S

Broken Hill Bears 01 : Bear in the Rough S
Broken Hill Bears 02 : Bare Knuckle Bear S

Aubrey Irons

Soldiers of Fortune 03 : Scorch


Aurora Woodlove

Shifting Impulse 01 : Anna and the Bear S
Shifting Impulse 02 : Celine and the Bear S
Shifting Impulse 03 : Janet and the Bear S

Aya Morningstar

The Grizzly Next Door 01 : Unbearable Curves S
The Grizzly Next Door 02 : Unbearable Heat S
The Grizzly Next Door 03 : Unbearable Cage S
The Grizzly Next Door 04 : Unbearable Arms S
The Grizzly Next Door : Box 1-4 S

Shift Squad 01 : Sealed to the Alpha Wolf S

Mating Wars 01 : Marauder Cygnus S

BB Hamel

Rock Hard


Becca Boyd

Line of Fire 01 : Fire Away Somewhere TX

Bella Love-Wins

Cabin Bear Heat Box Set S

Bad Boy Fire Bear S

Bethany Shaw

Rescued by the Bear S

Beverly Ovalle

Dragon's Mate S

Blake Bennett

Bound By Your Love 03 : Blue Persuasion

Bryce Evans

Bewitched by the Alpha S

Cass Reynolds

Emerald Isle Tigers 01 : Scoundrel S
Emerald Isle Tigers 02 : Soldier S
Emerald Isle Tigers 03 : Scholar S

Cara Wylde

Sold to the Alpha: Complete collection S

The Hidden Alpha 01 : Twisted S
The Hidden Alpha 02 : Triad S
The Hidden Alpha 03 : Hybrid S

Claimed by the Dragons S

Taming the Alpha S

Fairy Tales with a Shift 01: Aimée and the Bear S
Fairy Tales with a Shift 02: Bearly Cursed S
Fairy Tales with a Shift 03: Bearly Hunted S
Fairy Tales with a Shift 04: Scarlett and the Bear S
Fairy Tales with a Twist 05: Bearly Sleeping S
Fairy Tales with a Shift boxed set 1-5 S

Shift Your Fate 01 : Bear Unbound S

Cat Johnston

Wrecked : Studs in spurs

Catherine Vale

To Catch a Cheetah S
Kiss of Fire S
Shades of Dragon S
Her two bears 02: Double trouble S
Band of Wolves 03: Never Cry Wolf S
Order of protection 01: Bear Meets Girl S
Bite of the Moon : Between Two Wolves S
Broken Moon S
Burn, Baby, Burn S
Furever Yours S
Dark Panther S
Billion Dollar Bear S

Charity Parkinson :

Ugly Eternity 1 : Heart's Beat

Claire Ryan

Sierra Moon Shifters 06 : Bearly Sleeping S
Sierra Moon Shifters 07 : A Grizzly Discovery S

Claudia M. Farwell

Forbearance 01 S
Forbearance 02 S
Forbearance 03 S

Cristina Rayne

Riverford Shifters 01: Tempted by the Jaguar S
Riverford Shifters 02: Accepting The Jaguar S
Riverford Shifters 03: Rescued by the Wolf S
Riverford Shifters 04: Tempted by the Tiger S

Skeleton Key : Where Sleeping Dragons Lie S

Crystal L. Shaw

Shifters of Shadow Falls 06 : Dragon's Heat S

Cynthia Dane

His Domination 01: Pursued

Dom Vs Domme 01 : Bite Me
Billionaires on Holiday.

Dakota Cassidy

Paris, Texas romance 2 : What not to were S

Delilah S Dawson

Blud Novel 01: Wicked as They Come V

Devyn Morgan

Moved M/M
About 'Dam Time M/M
Addiction M/M
Not Another Bad Boy M/M
Falling For His Roommate M/M
Hooked M/M
Finding Love on a Black Friday M/M
Lit Up M/M
Honeymoon Hoax M/M
Taking Care M/M
Body Heat M/M
In Denial M/M
Ace of Hearts M/M
Prescription for Love M/M
Just for Tonight M/M

DH Cameron

Semper Fi
Wolf's Den S

DS Sage

Lion : Chasing Rescued Love S

Elianne Adams

Return to Avalore 00 : Flickering Light S
Return to Avalore 01 : Call of the Dragon S
Return to Avalore 02 : Rise of the Phoenix S

Deadly Whispers 01: Bump in the Night S

Black Velvet S

Elizabeth Hunter :

Everything she writes is GOOD, simply the link to her amazon page : Elizabeth Hunter S

Elle Boon

Iron Wolves MC 01 : Lyric's Accidental Mate S
Iron Wolves MC 02 : Xan's Feisty Mate S
Iron Wolves MC 03 : Kellen's Tempting Mate S

Phantom Force 01 : Delta Salvation Semi shifter

Elle Thorne :

Shifters Forever Box set : 1-6 S

Always After Dark Box set : 1-4 S

Never After Dark Box set : 1-4 S

Shifters Forever First Bites S

Those bears !!! Those tigers!!! Sighs
Nice quick reads with a HEA, check out her page;
Most are free when you have KU.

Emma Alisyn

Clan Conroy Brides 01 : Liam's Bride S
Clan Conroy Brides 02 : Alphonso's Baby S
Clan Conroy Brides 03 : Norelle's Bear S

Royal Bears 01 : Bear Prince S

Emma Fawkes

Hell Bent
Wrong Move
No Regrets

Emme Rollins


Erin Kellison

Dragons of Bloodfire 01: Tempted by Fire S
Dragons of Bloodfire 02 : Awakaned by Fire S

Reveler 01 : Darkness Falls

Sol Series 01 : All That Glitters

Erin Kelly

Drummond Island Bears 01 : Bearly in Time S

Eris Sage :

Order of Alphas: Fate 1 S
Order of Alphas: Fate 2 S
Order of Alphas: Fate 3 S
Order of Alphas: Fate 4 S
Order of Alphas: Fate Complete collection S

Order of Alphas: Reunion S

Eve Hunter

Bear Force 01: Bear Trapped S
Bear Force 02: Bear Marked S

H.A. Fortman

UGS Constellations 01 : Chasing Constellations
UGS Constellations 02 : Tracking the Hunter

Harper Sloan

Corps Security 01 : Axel (free) there are 6 more books to complete this group of alpha males, they're not shifters but they're sizzling just the same !! book 1 is currently free, do check before clicking.

next generation of Corps Security :

Hope Town 01 : Unexpected Fate
Hope Town 02 : Bleeding Love
Hope Town 03 : When I'm With You

Heather Killough-Walden

I've read about everything she has published and loved every single one. (i'll try and fill in reviews for her books along the way, for now just picking up with the books out in the present time)

The Kings 07 : The Shadow King S

Heather Long

Black Hill Wolves 35 : Winter Solstice Run : Wolf in Winter Clothing S

Helen Johnston

Eternal Hunger 01 S

Holley Trent

Desert Guards 01: The Cougar's Pawn S
Desert Guards 02: The Cougar's Trade S
Desert Guards 03: The Cougar's Bargain S
Desert Guards 04: The Cougar's Wish S

Norseton Wolves 03 : Idler S
Norseton Wolves 06 : Elder S (also part of Reckless Desire series)
Norseton Wolves 07 : Scout  S (also part of Reckless Desire series)
Norseton Wolves 08 : Seer  S (also part of Reckless Desire series)

Shrew & Company 05 : Eric's Edge S
Shrew & Company 06 : Promising Peter S

Heart Motel 02 : Knight in Leather S

Iris Balfour

Furever Shifters 01: Furever Mine S
Furever Shifters 04 : Furever Loyal S

Iris Parker


Jacqueline Sweet

Bearfield 05 : Fate It Til You Make It S

James D. Horton

Wild Tiger S

Jamie Brumfield

Rayne's Thunder 01: Master Chef S
Rayne's Thunder 02: The Veterinarian S

Jess Hayek

Bear Naked Love S

J.E. & M. Keep


J.K. Harper

Black Mesa Wolves (holiday short) : Christmas Wolf S

J.K. Snow :

Grace Harbour Pack 1 S

Kodiak Bloodlines 01 S
Kodiak Bloodlines 02 S
Kodiak Bloodlines 03 S

Avery Wolves 01 : Jaxson S
Avery Wolves 02 : Drake S
Avery Wolves 03 : Isaiah S

Julie Ann Walker

Deep Six 0.5 : Hot as Hell


Serenade serial 01 : Overture V
Serenade serial 02 : Encore V
Serenade serial 03 : Ensemble V
Serenade serial 04 : Accelerando V
Serenade serial 04 : Serenade V
Serenade : Complete Serial

Karolyn James

Brothers of Rock: Willow Son 01: The Biggest Stage
Brothers of Rock: Willow Son 02: The Lonliest Tour
Brothers of Rock: Willow Son 03: The Longest Note
Brothers of Rock: Willow Son 04: The Hardest Set

This Road : Complete Series

Different pen-name of Karolyn James: London Casey

The Boys of DownCrash: Complete trilogy

Back Down Devil MC 05: Steel Temptation
Back Down Devil MC 06: Savage Love
Back Down Devil MC 07: Broken Road
Back Down Devil MC 08: Viper's Kiss
Back Down Devil MC 09: Ruthless Hold
Back Down Devil MC 10: An Outlaw Monster (diff BDD charter)

The Knight Brothers 01 : The Man. The Game. The Baby

Different pen-name of Karolyn James: London Casey, in collaboration with Anna Fawkes

The Upside of Being Let Down 01
The Downside of the Truth 02

Fight 01
Invincible 02
Game 03

Kat Latham

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

Kay Blue

Romanian Mob Chronicles 01: Keep
Romanian Mob Chronicles 02: Fall
Romanian Mob Chronicles 03: Avenge
Romanian Mob Chronicles 04: Keep: The Wedding
Romanian Mob Chronicles 05: War

The Syndicate 01 : Possess

Kim Fox

Celebrity Bears 01 : Starstruck Shifter S
Celebrity Bears 02 : Rockstar Shifter S

Ultimate Shifting Championship 01 : Bare Knuckle Bear S
Ultimate Shifting Championship 02 : Bare Knuckle Grizzly S
Ulitmate Shifting Championship 03 : Bare Knuckle Black Bear S
Ultimate Shifting Championship 04 : Bare Knuckle Kodiak S
Ultimate Shifting Championship 05 : Bear Knuckle Luke S

The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch 01 : Julius S
The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch 02 : Khan S
The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch 03 : Alexander S
The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch 04 : Hannibal S

Kimber White

Wild Lake Wolves 03 : Primal Heat S

Kimberly Fox aka Kim Fox

The Hitman's Baby
The Hitman's Second Chance

Bad Boys on the Beach 01 : Cancun
Bad Boys on the Beach 02 : Belize

Kim Faulks

Underground Kings 00 : Savage S

The Submissively Ever After Series 01 : Beast S
The Submissively Ever After Series 02 : Gretel S

Kim Linwood


Krista Lakes

His Every Desire

Krystal Shannan

Vegas Mates 05 : Unwrapping Tess S

Somewhere TX 03: A Wedding in Somewhere

Pool of Souls 01 : Open House

VonBrandt Family 01: To Save a Mate S
VonBrandt Family 02: To Love a Mate S
VonBrandt Family 03: To Win a Mate S
VonBrandt Family 04: To Find a Mate S

Sanctuary, Texas 04 : My Warrior Wolves S

Sanctuary Texas World Novella 01 : Mastered : Teagan

Krystal Shannan + Camryn Rhys

Moonbound 01 : The Werewolf Cowboy S
Moonbound 02 : The Werewolf Bodyguard S
Moonbound 03 : The Werewolf Ranger S
Moonbound 04 : Chasing A Wolf S
Moonbound 05 : Seducing A Wolf S
Moonbound 06 : Saving a Wolf S
Moonbound 07 : Broken Wolf S
Moonbound 08 : Hunted Wolf S

Krystal Shannan writing as Emma Roman

Somewhere, TX. Bachelors 01 : Can't Get You Off of My Mind
Somewhere, TX, Bachelors 02 : What's love got to do with it?

Lashawn Vasser

The Storm Series 01 : A Storm is Coming
The Storm Series 02 : A Perfect Storm

The Right Side of My Pillow

Lashell Collins

Rock Shifter Fairytales 01 : Soul Stealer S

Rogue Moon 01 : Rogue Moon S

Layla Nash

City Shifters The Pride 01 : Thrill of the Chase S

Linda Barlow

Call Me Killer

Lisa Beth Darling :

Sister Christian 1 : Genesis
Sister Christian 2 : Sins of the Father
Sister Christian 3 : Mysterious Ways

Lucy Lachance

Second City Shifters 01 : Bear of the Midnight Sun S

M Limoges

Black Hill Wolves 33: Winter Solstice Run 03 : Winter Secrets S

Maeve Morrick

Arctic Station Bears 01 : Snowbound S
Arctic Station Bears 02 : Snowman S
Arctic Station Bears 03 : Snowfall S

Mandy Rosko

Alpha Bites 01 : Alpha S
Alpha Bites 02 : Alpha Bear S

Skeleton Key Series : Mate of a Dragon Villain S

Marie Hall

Check out her Kingdom Series on her amazon page. She started the Queens series under another pen name : Jovee Winters

Melissa Bell

Dutiful Gods 01: Destiny's Fate

Melissa Snark

Learning to Fly
Loki's Wolves 01 Hunger Moon S

Melissa Thomas

Phoenix Contract 1-5 S

Merryn Dexter

Black Hill Wolves 36 : A Mate's Healing Touch S
Black Hill Wolves 44 : A Mate's Redeeming Touch S
Black Hill Wolves 50 : Mating Dance S

Hot Moon Rising 06 : Silver Moon S

Wiccan Haus 15 : Soul of Flame S

Michelle Fox

New Moon's Wolves 02 : Moon's Law S

Huntsville Pack 03 : The Alpha's Fight S

Charmed in Vegas 01 : Bad Potions Michelle Fox S
Charmed in Vegas 02 : Gambling on her Dragon Anna Lowe S
Charmed in Vegas 03 : Lucky in Love Bethany Shaw S
Charmed in Vegas 04 : A Billionaire's Roar Vella Day S
Charmed in Vegas 05 : Wild Cards Katalina Leon S
Charmed in Vegas 06 : Betting on Bear Tabitha Conall S

Blood Courtesans 01 : Reborn V
Blood Courtesans 02 : Wanted Kristin Strassel V
Blood Courtesans 03 : Marked Gwen Knight V
Blood Courtesans 04 : Bitten Kim Faulks V
Blood Courtesans 05 : Needed Ever Coming V
Blood Courtesans 06 : Ensnared Rebecca Rivard V

Olivia Cunning

Her amazon page (clicky) where you can also find her Sinners and No Regrets, two series that are just awesome reads.

Exodus End World Tour 01: Insider

Olivia Long

Bad Boy Criminal
Three Way

Ophelia Bell

Sleeping Dragons Omnibus #1 S

Rising Dragons Omnibus #2 S

Immortal Dragons 0 : Dragon Betrayed S
Immortal Dragons 01 : Dragon Blues S
Immortal Dragons 02 : Dragon Void S

Black Mountain Bears 01 : Clawed S
Black Mountain Bears 02 : Bitten S
Black Mountain Bears 03 : Nailed S (longer review on goodreads, amazon was being a pain)

Petie McCarty

The SEAL's Angel

RA Marshall

Guardians of the Portal 01: The Portal and The Panther S

Rebecca Royce

Black Hill Wolves 31: Winter Solstice Run 01 : Wolf's Holiday S

Shadow Promised 01 : Strange Days
Shadow Promised 02 : Weird Nights
Shadow Promised 03 : Haunted Years

Westerfelt Wolves 01 : Her Wolf S

RJ Thompson


Rosie Pike

Rescued by the Billionaire Sheikh
Trusting A Sheikh

Roxie Noir

Flames of Passion
Riding the Road Crew

Shifter Country Bears 01: A Bear's Protection S
Shifter Country Bears 02: A Bear's Nemesis S
Shifter Country Bears 03: A Bear's Mercy S
Shifter Country Bears 04: A Bear's Journey S
Shifter Country Bears 05: A Bear's Secret S

Shifter Country Wolves 01: Running with Wolves S
Shifter Country Wolves 02: Fighting for Wolves S
Shifter Country Wolves 03: Betting on Wolves S
Shifter Country Wolves 04: Uncaging Wolves S
Shifter Country Wolves 05: Longing for Wolves S

Copper Mesa Eagles 01 : Predator S
Copper Mesa Eagles 02 : Prey S
Copper Mesa Eagles 03 : Protector S


Roxy Sinclaire

Bad Boys for Life 01 : Entitled

Tempting Me

Sable Sylvan

Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales 01: Goldilocks And The Three Bear Shifters S
Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales 02: Little Red Riding Bears S
Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales 03: Three Grizzlies Gruff S

The Shifter Princes 01: Shifterella And The Billionaire Bear S
The Shifter Princes 02: Beauty and the Billionaire Bear S
The Shifter Princes 03: Sleeping BBW and the Billionaire Bear S
The Shifter Princes 04: Rapunzel and the Billionaire Bear S

Seattle's Billionaire Bears 01: Rumpled Bear Skin S

Sadie Black


Scarlett Grove

Draconians 01 : Alien Commander's Bride S
Draconians 02 : Alien Warrior's Mate S
Draconians 03 : Alien Fighter's Woman S
Draconians 04 : Alien General's Wife S
Draconians 05 : Alien Architect's Bride S

Midnight Sun Shifters 01 : Bear His Love S
Midnight Sun Shifters 02 : Bear His Baby S

Bear Wardens 01 : Bear Witness S
Bear Wardens 02 : Bearly Believing S
Bear Wardens 03 : His to Bear S

Rescue Bears 01 : Chief Bear S
Rescue Bears 02 : Wild Bear S
Rescue Bears 03 : Big Bear S
Rescue Bears 04 : Brew Bear S
Rescue Bears 05 : Ski Bear S
Rescue Bears 06 : Geek Bear S

Bear Patrol 01 : Commander Bear S
Bear Patrol 02 : Detective Bear S

Elemental Dragons 01 : Fire Dragon's Baby S

The Alpha's Curse S

Scarlet North aka Catherine Vale

F*ck Buddy / Hook Up.

Sedona Venez

Cedence Curse World 2.5 : Taming Beastie S

Sennah Tate

Taming His Beast S

Sunset Glade Panthers 01 : Spark S
Sunset Glade Panthers 02 : Ember S
Sunset Glade Panthers 03 : Blaze S
Sunset Glade Panthers 04 : Smolder S

Palm Haven Shifters 01 : Tempting the Tiger S
Palm Haven Shifters 02 : Claimed by the Bear S
Palm Haven Shifters 03 : Bound To The Wolf S
Palm Haven Shifters 04 : Catching the Tiger S
Palm Haven Shifters 05 : Falling for the Bear S

Sophie Davis

Timewaves 01 : The Syndicate

Stephanie Brother


Suki Selborne

Tiger Billionaire: The Whole Story 1/2/3/4 S

Sylvina Storm

Pre-Destined (available when you sign up for her newsletter)
Aliens, Myths and Magic 01 : Destined PolyShifter
Aliens, Myths and Magic 02 : Released PolyShifter

Tabatha Kiss

Ruin Me

The Snake Eyes Series 01 : Bodyguard
The Snake Eyes Series 02 : The Hitman's Dancer
The Snake Eyes Series 03 : Love and Wargames
The Snake Eyes Series 04 : Bloodlines

Tami Lund

Twisted Fate 1 : Of Love and Darkness S

Lightbearer 00 : First Light S
Lightbearer 01 : Into The Light S

Tara Rider

Desired by Dragons S

Tasha Black :

Curse of the Alpha 1/2 S
Curse of the Alpha 3/4 S
Curse of the Alpha 5/6 S

Fate of the Alpha 1 S
Fate of the Alpha 2 S
Fate of the Alpha 3 S

Reconstructed 01 : Building a Hero (Semi shifter)
Reconstructed 02 : Augmented (Semi shifter)
Reconstructed 03 : Upgraded (Semi shifter)
Building a Hero Boxed Set (Semi shifter)

Woodland Creek : Hounded S

300 Moons 01 : Bait This! S
300 Moons 02 : Burn This! S

Terra Wolf

Pure Blood Complete Series S

Tess Wilder

Western Bear Shifters For Mail Order Brides 01 : Western Bear Hearts S
Western Bear Shifters For Mail Order Brides 02 : Western Bear Hero S
Western Bear Shifters For Mail Order Brides 03 : Western Bear Heat S

Tina Folsom :

For the love of vampires .... Scanguards is all I say. V

TL Reeves

Black Hills Wolves 32 : Winter Solstice Run : Winter Magic S

Truli Thorne

Shifters in Seattle 01 : You've Got Bear S
Shifters in Seattle 02 : Bear with Benefits S
Shifters in Seattle 03 : Bear Actually S

Ursula Maya

Bear Peak Stories 01 : Fated Bear S

Vivian Wood

Winter Pass Wolves 01 : Howl S
Winter Pass Wolves 02 : Growl S
Winter Pass Wolves 03 : Prowl S

Alpha Guardians 00 : Evil Abounds : Bear Rising S
Alpha Guardians 01 : See No Evil : Bear Rebel S

Sainted Sinners 01 : Dirty Angel
Sainted Sinners 02 : Rebel Angel

Bad Boy Prince
Seal's Bride

V Vaughn

Winter Valley Wolves 01 : Brindle S
Winter Valley Wolves 02 : Bosun S
Winter Valley Wolves 03 : Berch S
Winter Valley Wolves 04 : Chosen S
Winter Valley Wolves 05 : Ergan S
Winter Valley Wolves 06 : Ekton S
Winter Valley Wolves 08 : Fated S
Winter Valley Wolves 09 : Destined S

Tempted By The Bear 01 S
Tempted By The Bear 02 S
Tempted By The Bear 03 S
Tempted By The Bear 04 S
Tempted By The Bear 05 S
Tempted By The Bear 06 S
Tempted By The Bear 07 S
Tempted By The Bear 08 S
Tempted By The Bear 09 S

Rocked by the Bear 01 : Andre : Mating Fever S
Rocked by the Bear 02 : Adrian : Mating Fever S
Rocked by the Bear 03 : Aleck : Mating Fever S
Rocked by the Bear 04 : Aaron : Mating Fever S
Rocked by the Bear 05 : Jared : Mating Fever S
Rocked by the Bear 06 : Jax : Mating Fever S

Southern Shifters (Kindle World) Finding Luke S
Snow Kissed Love 01 : Craving for Love

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