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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Alpha Bear

Alpha Bear Alpha Bear by Mandy Rosko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When her friend Miranda went missing, Lois couldn't just stay idle, she had to go look for her. When she finds Miranda's car it looks like it's being raided by a mountain of a man. A man who has no second thought but to kidnap her on the spot. When he takes her with him it's only to find Miranda in perfect health and happy.
Dane isn't happy about bringing the woman with him, kicking and screaming. But he couldn't risk her babbling to others about the car and Miranda. He did the only thing he thought was right and bring her with hi so she could see for herself Miranda was ok.
But then IT happened. They got attacked again and he was severely wounded trying to keep them safe and now he wasn't healing properly. It made him grouchy and snap at everyone. Only one who was enduring his tantrums was Lois, Miranda's friend, just the person he didn't want around him. When she starts finding crack in the shield he build around himself he starts healing again.
Lois is angry about being kidnapped, being told about a world she, at first, couldn't believe was true. Than there was Dane, the man who kidnapped her, saved her and was now having trouble getting better. Something about him made her deal with his temper, made her persistent to stay and care for him.
Both are battling their own demons as is the pack is battling their Nemesis. with both realize in time what is happening and take the right steps to their happily ever after?
really enjoyed this second story in this series. it's a nice pick up where the other book ended, though both could be read as stand alone together they complete each other as the overall story continues.

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