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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Primal Heat

Primal Heat Primal Heat by Kimber White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abby is starting an internship with the local congressman. upon arriving she picks up the shifter vibes from his assistant, it aren't good vibes. the way he looks at her isn't promising either. But Abby doesn't have much choice, she has to make this a success, it was a wanted position, a position that could start her career once she finished school.
on her very first day she's stunned when a man barges into the office and without taking notice of those around has a heated conversation with the congressman. when he storms out again he practically runs her over. when he's close she can't help but be overwhelmed by him. when he smells her and fixates on her it's even more strange before he storms off.
the next day she's sent to meet Bas Lanier and present him with some papers for a new bill the congressman is working on. they're hoping she can ease the man a bit. big is her surprise when Bas is the man who towered over her the previous day.
there is something between them that has them both interested but also cautious to act on it. when Bas kisses her she's overwhelmed and not really sure why he did.
as she overhears her boss and his assistant she knows a lot more is happening and Bas wouldn't be happy if he found out what is really going on but she can't tell him or she'll risk her job. she also starts suspecting her employer using her as some sort of diversion to occupy Bas.
When things get too dangerous she doesn't hesitate to tell him everything.
For Bas there is also a lot to explain to her but about a lot of different things. he understands why she didn't tell everything from the start but now that he knows, they have to start moving fast to safe the future of their pack!
a thrilling addition to this series, loved reading it. Bas really is a likable guy, so are the rest of his men. was sucked in from the get go and it was hard putting it away until i was done reading!

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