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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Awakened by Fire

Awakened by Fire Awakened by Fire by Erin Kellison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

the first book was a nail biter, this isn't much better. from the get go we get thrown into the dragonkin world and their ancient laws and stubbornness.
the Vine family has served the Voclain dragons for centuries. it ws an interaction that worked, the Voclain were of a few families that actually treated their "familiar" servants with respect and dignity and weren't in the habit of eating them when they got upset. Samantha Vine is one of the latest generations but she chooses not to serve them, she respects them but she knows that serving them would mean she has to share her deepest secret and that would mean a death sentence.
Warrick Voclain is the current head of his family and he likes his steward and his family a lot. he like his children and grandchildren. When Samantha returns for a wedding in the family small things lead to her staying longer. also putting Samantha right in Warricks view and surroundings. She always had a little crush on the big dragonshifter but any kind of relationship between servant and dragon was discouraged. yet things between them escalate to something both want. Trough all of this Samantha does her best to protect him and keep her secret but when Warrick figures out what is going on and surprises with his reaction she can't help but feel a bit happy. he's not going to kill her, her skill set even being useful to find out the truth about everything.
as both are trying to find out why Warrick is being targeted, they also have to find a way to change the mindset of the dragoncouncil. the one to help is a tad on the old side, the same one who deemed people like her should be killed on sight, yet it is her they need to revoke that law.
thrilling story that sucked me right in from the start. it was hard to put down the book, the intrigue is of another level! really liked reading it!

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