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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Possess

Possess Possess by Kaye Blue
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maxim is the head of The Syndicate, nothing escapes him, he's ruthless, emotionless, no weakness par one : Senna. He saved her from a gruesome death after her parents were killed. Something about the teen spoke to him and he gave her the choice, die or go with him, she went with him.
As years went by Maxim worked his way up in the Syndicate to his current position, Senna always at his side, going wherever he went. He gave her some liberties but he learned to school his true feelings at a young age. But when Senna is starting to act up he knows those skill will be put to the test. He knew he wanted her, body mind and soul but he also didn't want to drag her with him in his world. When he walks in on her having a shower and having more then a private moment as she whispers his name over and over, his own patience is put to the test. She wants him as much as he wants her, but he couldn't let that happen.
Senna has had enough, she didn't had to ask for anything but lately things between Maxim and her were at a stalemate. She wanted more, she wanted him but not once had he made a move or hinted at any interest towards her. Making her mind up she decides she's no longer staying with him and in a last effort to make him see "her" she makes the bold move confronting him about his little escapades, flat out asking why she isn't good enough?
This is the start of a string of events between the two of them that makes them confront their feelings. But Maxim wouldn't be Maxim if he made up some rules to stick by but at the same time preventing himself from being truly happy.
Being the big boss doesn't come without danger and enemies, he knows why he stayed single but now he starts questioning if it matters whether he is or not.
We got to know Maxim and Senna through the mob stories (remember Priest?) The person who was created there simply asked for a story of his own and we got it and than some!!! sometimes the brutally of real life is just that : brutal. the way the world is created in this book i can see it happening out there, very real and realistic!

can't wait to see who's next up to find their other, better, half ;)

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