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Monday, June 6, 2016

Review: Falling for the Bear

Falling for the Bear Falling for the Bear by Sennah Tate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

book five, the ending of a story well built. short stories connecting with each other through the witches who one by one find their mate in a shifter, a kind that was told to be bad and evil to them.
but these aren't ordinary witches! they have a mind of their own, maybe need a bit of convincing here or there but they're are smart enough to figure out that what is happening isn't a shifter problem. oh no, it is very much a witch problem and it's going to take all five of them to figure it all out and put an end to it all.
now let it be that witch number five isn't happy about shifters, having been hurt by one in the past. when her best friend asks her to accompany her to a shifter bar to talk to her new bear shifter mate, she's not having it. why would she? she just had a date with the new hot IT guy from work ...
can you imagine her surprise when her friend manages to convince her to come along only to find the IT guy at the same bar with the very people they were meeting? just her luck that the guy she was interested in had to turn out to be a shifter, a bear shifter even! what once thought to be a nice match was suddenly out of the question and it seems both of them agreed on at least that. but a game of pool, a bit of booze started blurring that line. but things take a turn for the worse when the tavern is attacked by rogue wolves and the presence of the two witches can't really be hidden. when he saves her, he has no other option but to hide away with her because he knows he'll be persona non grata for helping a witch, even if said witch didn't do anything wrong to them, she even tried to help. the hatred that build up over the years is hard to work around.
when the two are staying hidden, their initial attraction seems to have a mind of it's own, so does her magic and his bear.
will they be able to work things out? will either start to recognize what really is going on?

it's going to take one big moment for all of the pieces fall into the right places!

what a ride these books were. sad it's over, i really would mind one more book to read about the aftermath of it all. what will the shifters do? what will the witches do? some questions are still there. hint hint miss tate

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