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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review: You've Got Bear

You've Got Bear You've Got Bear by Truli Thorne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

five years of scraping together cash to make her dream come true of having her own chocolate shop is crushed when after a few months of dwindling sales her savings are tapped out and she has no reserve to find a new place to hire, since the current mall where she's residing has closed down all the leases.
when it's her last day, the security guard (a former ex who has issues with being and staying an ex) waltzes in accompanied with a handsome man. butterflies start fluttering around in her stomach but it doesn't last long when eventually the cat get out the bag and the handsome man turns out to be the one who put her out on the street!
Zach has other ideas with the curvy woman, specially when his bear is rumbling like crazy that she's their fated mate.
now you wonder what he has to do to win her over? well, a lot! he can't just listen to his bear, he would just pick her up caveman style and have his wicked ways with her, mate her and be done with it, then deal with the outcome. not a smart thing to do.
the suspense was killing me but eventually people came to their senses. my only observation would be that she could have let Zach grovel a bit more before just accepting him and his bear ;-)

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