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Friday, October 23, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday By Elaina M. Roberts!

Below you'll find my own addition to the Flash Fiction. it is more or less a continuation to Elaina's so I suggest you go and read that one first. You can find it through the link provided at the top of this post.

The rules:
Word limit: 1031 (to celebrate Halloween)
Forbidden word(s): child, statue
Required word(s): guard (any variation: guards, guarding, guarded, guardian)
Use the picture below: (courtesy of Elaina!)

FFF Payback’s a bitch.

Lorelai was gazing at her phone. She didn’t feel comfortable, a gut feeling nagging and pushing her to contact her friend Trista. She promised! Trista promised to text her once she’s was back home. The uneasiness that crept into her mind only grew worse from the moment Trista told her she was going on a picture hunt down at THE house. Locals warned everybody to stay away, especially at this time of year.
It was almost midnight and she still hadn’t got word back from her friend. She dreaded the outcome and wished things never had to get this far. If only people would listen, they may perceive the warning as some local mumbo jumbo but it couldn’t get more real.
Grabbing her phone for the umpteenth time, she checked for an answer but still nothing appeared. Sound was on, vibrating was on. Lorelai bit her nail, she knew what was coming and she dreaded it. She sighed and resigned herself to her fate. It had to stop. The uneasiness grew tenfold but she just had to suck it up. Collecting herself, she got up and started packing a rug sack. A multitude of herbs disappeared into it together with a vast collection of lidded jars, a pestle and mortar and a tiny camp fire. The sacred book she kept on her person, she couldn’t risk losing that.
Checking the phone one last time, in vain hope of seeing a missed text or call, she sighed. Time to roll and get this over with.
It only took her about ten minutes to find the house and squeeze through the iron gates. She’s seen her friend’s car parked down the street so she knew she had to be here. The sight that greeted her didn’t really boost her confidence. Broken pieces lay scattered all over the grounds. Some looking very human, other looking like tiny cherubs. The one thing they all had in common was the shear horror written on all of their faces, like they were all scared to death. Shaking her head she couldn’t let it get to her, if she did she wouldn’t be able to pull of her spell. She only got the one shot at it.
A sweet sing song voice traveled towards her, the familiar words resounding like mantra over and over:
“Ring-a-round the rosies. A pocket full of posies.
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down!”
She knew what would happen next and kept her eyes shut, knowing that the next few moments were critical, literally life or death. Silently she repeated a mantra to keep her safe and protected.
“In this place and in this hour
By the guardians of the secrets of the night
Take the keys to my heart
And close the doors of my mind.”
Once the voice trailed off and a few extra minutes, Lorelai was sure it was safe to open her eyes again and go further onto the property. Behind some bushes was a scene she’d been dreading even she since she knew her friend was going to come here. A grey stone tripod lay on the ground with a smashed grey camera next to it. A bit further were the scattered remains of her friend Trista, mouth open in a dead scream, eyes looking right up into the sky.
Lorelai gave herself a minute to mourn her friend before she was going to tackle to hardest thing she’d ever done in her life. Looking around, all the other “debris” was proof that whatever entity inhabited one of the sculptures was close to gaining mortal status. That could not happen. If it did it was like giving the whole town a death sentence.
Grabbing her backpack, she emptied the contents on one of the slates scattered around the secluded garden. The tiny camping stove, balancing precariously next to it, her pestle and mortar on the other side. The copper pot made her prep work complete. She started cooking water, while waiting for that to boil she tossed several herbs together and started grinding them up until a thick gooey paste was left. It looked disgusting but it was the only way to deal with these beings. Checking the water she saw it was ready to be mixed with the other ingredients. A drop here, a few drops there, a spoonful from this and a dash from something else. At the last minute she added the herb mix. Now it was crucial she didn’t mess up.
Either she failed and the entity got free reign or she succeeded and hoped with abolishing “it” she could return a few of the lost soul “it” had killed over the years.
Preparing herself for a lengthy time or meditative talking, she got into a comfortable position. Said a silent prayer to her Goddess Kali and started to hum the first one out of one hundred and eight, each one marked with a dot from the paste she made.
“Om namo kali kapali dahi dahi swaha ll”
The sing song voice returned, first it sounded gentle, coaxing her but as she kept on with her mantra, each time she’d spoke it marked with another herbal dot, forming a firm circle around. Then the voice started screaming at her. Fifty-four times and the circle would close around her, giving her an extra layer of protection. Helping her keep her focus. All she had to do now was repeat them fifty-four times more, doubling each dot already there.
She knew she was succeeding and dared to open her eyes. The cherub-like being was hovering over her, growing in size, the voice changing as well. Gone was the sweet innocence, replaced with the dark and dangerous rumble fitting to a creature that stood over her. Horns grew from its temples, the grey hue changing to a deep red, wings sprouting from its back.
One hundred times, eight more.
“Om namo kali kapali dahi dahi swaha ll”
A portal opened beneath the demon, swallowing it hole. Exhausted and drained, she fell unconscious until a panicked but familiar voice tried to wake her.
More voices started to penetrate her consciousness.

All she could do was smile and hug Trista.

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