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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix Rise of the Phoenix by Elianne Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this was just heartbreaking from the first page! eavesdropping is never a good things!! specially if the first part you hear upsets you so much you don't listen to all of it and with only half the knowledge make rash decisions that have a huge impact on both lives.
brienne has left behind her destined mate, believing he doesn't want a mate, there isn't room for one. his prio being finding their long lost sister.
his sister has been found and returned to avalore, even found a mate and is embracing her new role with grace and determination. with all these new changes there is still a lot of darkness and danger to be fought and one sacred relic to be found. he can't believe his eyes when he's scouting around. on the other side of the open field is Brienne, the woman who was named his destined mate but had left without a trace even before the ceremony could be held, months he had searched for her before giving up. weeks ago, when they returned with his sister, they met briefly. even then his heart and dragon ached to have her with him. knowing she's out there just pains him.
seeing who's she's with he can't help but know that she's in danger and wants to rescue her.
a spur of the moment decision leads to a whole lot of trouble, him being captured and beaten within an inch of his live. the only good thing is that Brienne managed to get away. That's enough for him. much to his surprise she returns to rescue him and of of the vile creatures that's hold prisoner together with him. he's distrusting of them, since it's them who killed his mother. the creatures make their escape just as he draws on the last little bit of power he has to get brienne and himself to safety.
the time they spend together starts of tricky at best. he wants to know what she's up to, not sure if he can trust her. one thing leads to another, even has them ending up talking about the past. both coming clean with their own version of what occurred three years ago.
with the truth now in the open both still battle with their feelings. he doesn't want to let her go, she's determined to help her pack. she's convinced she can help tip the balance in favor of the goodness in them. her patch to finding out how is littered with drama, near death, even more heartache, some (hot)loving, and a heart-wrenching ending!

this was a tearjerker of a story!!! the choices that were made, so selfishly, so big. you barely have time to breath and get yourself together when you're put through another rollercoaster part of this story. if you liked the prequel and the first book in the return to avalore series you will not be disappointed with this one. you can't miss this part, it's crucial, simply a must have.

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