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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: Starstruck Shifter: Celebrity Bears

Starstruck Shifter: Celebrity Bears Starstruck Shifter: Celebrity Bears by Kim Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

when it comes to the filmindustry, if you don't have an ace film out , your star starts to dim a little. we find mason filming a mediocre cookiecutter film. his PR man wants him to pretend to have a fling with the obnoxious co-star. he goes along but only reluctantly.
it's that his attention fell onto Joni. tho her studies should get her an in into the film buisiness, all she's able to get is picking up garbage. mooning over mason her second hobby. it becomes a bit more real when he comes to her aid when she's stung by a bee. she's a bit starstruck but also not sure what to make of it. she feels some kind of attraction but mason doesn't act like it, especially when she sees pictures of him smooching with his co-star.
it's then the story gets interesting because mason isn't prepared to let her go just yet. his bear is too invested in her.
it's a sweet story with nice twists and turns, two people getting to know each other and making that all important bond for life.
it's a short read that will leave you fulfilled and happy. a must read

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