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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Review: Lyric's Accidental Mate

Lyric's Accidental Mate Lyric's Accidental Mate by Elle Boon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

out with friends Lyric is trying to have some fun and dance the night away when a bunch of men try to sweet talk her into coming with them. when she refuses, they more or less manhandle her outside where things go from bad to worse. a stranger steps in to try and help her but he's human, still strong and a skilled fighter she notes but a human. as the fight continues and things are more of a status quo, the stranger gets bitten by one of the men. knowing what will happen Lyric doesn't think twice to bite the stranger herself, linking him to her own pack instead. not sure what her brother and the alpha would make of her move, she decides to take the man on a little road trip. knowing the first few days are going to change a lot for him now he's been bitten and will become a werewolf just like herself.
if you think things will go easy from there on you're wrong. that's when the real trouble starts.
her wolf and his wolf know the score, it's her human part that is holding back a little bit because she wants him, the man, to choose her as well, not just his wolf in the heat of passion when he shifts for the first time.
this is a wonderful fast paced story that doesn't leave you hanging in the end. it's clear there are other possible matings in the works so i'm double crossing my fingers and toes that there will be more of this group of wolves!!

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