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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Broken Moon

Broken Moon Broken Moon by Catherine Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

captured by Justice, Harley is tortured beyond belief. when they bring in a human in the cel opposite him there is an instant draw towards her. his wolf will do anything to keep her safe and that is just what he does. breaking through silver bars, killing justice guards, nothing stops him from getting her out, not wanting her to go through what he's been through. when he learns who she really is he knows he can't, shouldn't act on what his wolf and him the man want. both are telling him she's their mate. but he knows acting on it is like a death sentence all over because she is the daughter of his direct commander and if there is one rule it's not to mess with the boss' daughter, she's off limits.
that's not counting on her persistence to have what she wants, what she wants is hunter. why should her father be against her finally finding a shifter to be with?
if this was their only issue things would be solved easily but yeah guess what it isn't!
things really don't go easy, actually they go all kinds of wrong.
more order of protection. protection is just what we need and crave.
this was heartbreaking to read at time but i'm glad the story doesn't end with a huge cliffhanger. of course there is more to tell about these justice people but i'm sure future books will go deeper into that.

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