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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: The Downside of the Truth

The Downside of the Truth The Downside of the Truth by London Casey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is where AJ’s story continues. she’s still mad and upset at bryan but jumbled as her mind is, things can still get worse. her sisters revelation that they’re adopted hit her hard. having confided in bryan about this, he manages to surprise her. during his “raid” of her sisters panties drawer he came across a familiar photograph. he might be able to help her in her search for her birthparents and the truth about their adoption. AJ isn’t looking for a new family, she just want some kind of closure. as she’s struggling through this ordeal, she can’t help but keep pushing bryan away but also wanting him close, caring about her.
during all of this Bryan has one of many fall outs with his alcoholic father, this time being, once again, the last straw and he walks away. later he gets the phone-call he’s been dreading for years: his father got into an accident and didn’t come out of it alive.
this sets so much in motion, specially when at the funeral a young woman suddenly appears, claiming to be his sister!
will AJ and Bryan battle through these hard times? or will there be more surprises in store for both?
so much emotion has been poured into this part of the story. so many hearts broken, mended, broken again. people learning about their past, trying to make sense of things isn’t as easy as you think. then when you get more surprises tossed your way, you sometimes feel like screaming!
i know there is more to come, things certainly can’t be left like they are. i’m anxious to read how these young people will deal what is coming their way.

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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