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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Still a Bad Boy

Still a Bad Boy Still a Bad Boy by Ada Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what do you do as still a green behind the ears reporter, sent in to try and interview the most elusive jace barlow, a self made businessman who got lucky with the lottery. you hope for the best and prepare an excuse for your boss when you get back empty handed, right? that's what kendall thought too when much to her surprise she's let into the inner sanctum of jace barlow.
jace is instantly intrigued by the young journalist sitting in his waiting room. normally he doesn't talk to them, not even briefly. but there is something about kendal that sparks his interest and he just has to know her, feel her, fuck her and make her his.
kendal is overwhelmed with the attention she's getting but she's unsure what to make of it all. despite her boss trying to stick another reporter on him, jace isn't having any of that. he only talks to kendall and her alone. as the days go by she thinks she's starting to get to know him, she knows he's someone you don't mess with, someone who doesn't shy back for putting another person in their place.
things around jace are going from bad to worse but he's handling "things" but one morning when he's doing just that kendal walks in on him and get the biggest wake up call of her life!
what will she do when the man she came to love turns out to be a cold blooded murderer?
that and many more questions need to be answered and this is only on the surface of this story! it's dark, it's gritty, it's an emotional rollercoaster for both kendall and jace.
what a ride this was! i couldn't put this down, i just had to know what happened. jade is a bad boy, a real bad boy, someone you don't mess with. i can't blame kendall one bit for falling for him, he is charming and direct. to see him battling his own demons makes him human. if you like a love story with a good backbone, drama, love, heartache but no cliffhangers, you will do well with getting this one in your library!

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