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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Soldier

Soldier Soldier by Cass Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chase felt a bit bad about going back to the place his sister helped him escape from. but he couldn’t help it, his tiger had found his mate and he was compelled to go back and save her. but mercy wasn’t a helpless woman, she was a known human assassin. she wasn’t having any of the mumbo jumbo chase was talking about. fated mates, what a load of crap that is.
sadly his visit didn’t go unnoticed and seeing he’s normally said to be dead … you can guess that mercy got into a bit of trouble. but she didn’t hide and was honest about everything. the ringleader was dead set on getting chase back and set up a trap with mercy as bait.
chase felt mad that mercy didn’t want to escape, it puzzled him why she would choose to stay. not even his promise to keep visiting her until she agreed didn’t help his cause. when he’s corralled by a fallen angel, Vesper, he’s even more confused. the history between Vesper and mercy goes back decades. they’re bound together and as it turns out Vesper is basically her free ticket out of anywhere. that still didn’t ease his tiger, he didn’t understand why she’d choose to willingly stay.
taking the bait about the party being held that evening, both of them attend but in disguise. everything goes well, that is until chase sees the fresh whip marks on his back!
how far does chase have to go to get through to mercy? he can’t help but coming back, wanting her free and safe! no matter how many times Vesper could teleport him away, he’d be coming back again and again! will one last attempt convince mercy that he’s the real deal? that he’s not talking crap? that he cares?
what will mercy do?
emotional and action packed story! we learn so much about her past and more secrets. this isn’t just about shifters anymore. dying to know how things will turn out in the next part!

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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