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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Growl - Winter Pass Wolves Book Two

Growl - Winter Pass Wolves Book Two Growl - Winter Pass Wolves Book Two by Vivian Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

paxton was down and sulking, remembering chase’s sister Brooke. the three of them were deployed when out of the blue Brook let him know they no longer were an item. years later the triad is back, all changed. battling their new identities Chase didn’t warn his sister they were back in town. when Brooke sees them, she can’t help but act shocked as she rushes over to greet them and scold her brother.
things don’t really get much better when it’s said that Brooke is getting married. trying to be nice Chase invites her to the lodge. that wasn’t counting her soon to be mother in law, aka dragon from hell. she took it upon herself to invite a whole bunch of people.
going with the flow chase just let it happen. during the gathering it’s clear that Brooke’s fiancé isn’t good for her.
paxton sees it all happening with a heavy heart, the moment he laid eyes on her again his wolf was going mad, she was their mate! try as he might, he can’t help but be drawn to her, even stand up to her ass of a fiancé. when he doesn’t get the response from Brooke he wants he tries to drag her away from chase and paxton. paxton’s wolf had other ideas and before he could do anything he shifted and attacked the fiancé. big was the surprise when he shifted into a cougar!!
the biggest surprise was for Brooke, suddenly everyone seems to be able to shift and she’s caught up in it all!
it’s time for her to come clean and she tells them why she suddenly broke up with Paxton, why she’s forced to marry someone she didn’t even like, forced to act like a whole different person.
thinking this is the end of their problems, we couldn't be further from the truth!
how will the triad react to all what is happening? Will chase contact the one person who can help them?
so much is happening, i’m on pins and needles to read the last part of this serial. there is such a fast pace to the story, you just want to know what happens. give part three already!

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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