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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: Twisted: A Fox-Shifter Romance

Twisted: A Fox-Shifter Romance Twisted: A Fox-Shifter Romance by Cara Wylde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what a start to this trilogy! my mind was going ten different directions but the revelation? O M G didn't see that one coming.
amelia is nervous, there is a fox shifter at the board school and she still hasn't been called in to be interviewed. this little fact has her in turmoil.
seth been sent to the boarding school to find a bride for the future Inarie. there was one who caught his eye but he wanted her for himself, so he avoided calling her in. as the day went on and all the interviewed girls/women proved to be unfit he had no other choice but to call in the one he didn't want to call in.
numerous written tests later seth just had to accept that amelia was to be the bride of the Inarie. how he was going to reconcile that fact with his own feelings and fox he didn't know. all his fox screamed was that amelia was his, theirs, their mate.

what happens when they arrive in alaska and blake stays the ever elusive inarie to be, almost leaving amelia to her own devices, left to explore the town, being drawn to seth like a moth to a flame.

will these two give in? to find out you'll have to grab the first part in this trilogy. it has a semi ending to this part of the story but it is very clear there is a lot more to this tale to come. can't wait for the next parts and read them!

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