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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: The Cougar's Bargain

The Cougar's Bargain The Cougar's Bargain by Holley Trent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

hannah is the last of the three friends who still has to come to terms with being kidnapped. she sees her friends happy but that doesn't mean she has to do the same. events from past weeks has opened up a whole new world to her. a recent attack even making her a were-cougar! and still she doesn't want the one chosen for her. she dooms sean to stay in cougar form. weeks pass untill sean and hannah are locked up until they can come to some understanding. that understanding being that hannah accepts sean as her mate and hope he can change back to his human form.
but lola, the goddes that created the cere cougars, has plans for the pair of them. hannah has a hard time seeing herself as the avenger and sean being her sidekick. but you don't mess with a goddess, a goddess who already bend a rule or two and could easily go back on those. that meant she would be stuck with sean, now she only had to find him another mate to pass on the burden.
not sure how to go about that , she has little time to give it much thought as lola sends both of them on a mission a state or two away.
it's quite some voyage the two make. settling some scores, setting up a trap here or there. even going so far that sean dares her brother to come up and meet him. that opens up a whole new can of decades old of hurt and heartache for hannah. but being a were-cougar now helps her stand up to him and she seems to be getting through to him, having found some common ground to rebuild their relationship on.

what a story to read, there is so much you could tell but hannah has so many demons to battle from past present and future. will she be able to let in more feelings then she's able to handle? and how is sean faring? his cougar is battling for control at times but when they're near hannah it's easy sailing.
how will this all affect they task they're given?
lola is one sneaky goddess and one you probably better listen to, even when trying to make a bargain!
the first two stories were a joy to read, this is just as good but on a whole new level. the emotional turmoil hannah has to conquer to let herself feel and demand what she really want is almost an uphill battle, but the sincerity sean has showed her from the moment he kidnapped her does help her make up her mind.
you just need this in your collection, a must have!

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