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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

once more we're given a story where two unlikely people are a perfect match for each other!
Ryker went AWOL, needing time for himself, to reach out to the people who made it all happen for Willow Son. it takes a few days for the band to track him down but when they do Ryker is smart enough to realize he has to make some kind of sacrifice to make amends. he offers them to have a competition and he'll go out with one girl, date night, in front of camera's.
Alyson is trying her best to make ends meet, even living for free with her rich BFF isn't easy. she prefers to stay at home and study and work for her MBA. but her friend isn't having any of it. devious as her friend can be she has entered them both in the Willow Son date-competition. much to Alyson's surprise she's selected to be with the last few girls. it all happens so fast and she feels like a fish on dry land.
it's THE night and Ryker happens to find a group of giggling girls, herded together. there is one who catches his eye, one who stands out, one he feels instantly attracted too. he can't help but to tease her and push her buttons.
they're like day and night, fire and ice and yet they seem to make it work. it's a story with ups and downs, reality checking in on more then one occasion. there is love, friendship, loyalty, trust. each one just as important as the other. the depth of the emotions real and recognizable!
this one just has to be in your library if you have read prior books from Willow Son. imo it's needs a six star rating

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