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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Clawed

Clawed Clawed by Ophelia Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emma is furious at first, another scientist has as good stole all her basic research. on top of that when she has to get on stage to talk about her own work, she manages to trip and make a fool of herself. embarrassed to the tenth degree she tries to drink her sorrow away at the hotel bar. the other scientist approaches her and offers to swap research, unsure whether to believe her. as she’s offered the research on a thumb drive, she’s quick to return the gesture. back home she has a serious discussion with her nephew and niece. the added research confirms so many thing they were already thinking. with both their fathers missing they’re, at first, divided on what to do. in the end the decide that repeating the annual walk they did with their father is the way to go.
after a day long trek through the forest, they’re surroundings are changing, old stories surfacing and making things fuzzy.
delirious, bordering on passing out, she notices two shadows following her. first cold, now feeling hot she mindlessly strips one layer of clothing after the other, giving her two shadows an eyeful.
making the last few steps are just exhausting and just as she made it past the border she loses it. that’s when her two shadows make themselves known, helping her. it doesn’t take long for her to register that her body is changing, she feels hot, feels likes she’s horny. too horny. but her two companions help her cope, they explain what they can in very shady terms. calling her princess all the time is confusing to say the least, same as the revelation that her mother is not far away. a mother she never knew!
as this tale progresses she meets her mother and aunt, finds her father and uncle. but not to forget, she got separated from her niece and nephew. this sparks an outrage at the court and a big search is set up, they weren’t supposed to cross over.
in the midst of all this so much is told and revealed. then she has to make the biggest choice in her life. will she help out the clan? will she choose personal happiness?
she can’t just abandon her newfound kin but she can’t just give up on her happiness either.

this is well written and sucks you right in. i expect nothing else from Ophelia.
it’s a thrilling tale and i can’t wait to read the next part and so how the others are doing. maybe have a small revisit to Emma and see how she is doing.

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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