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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Bitten

Bitten Bitten by Ophelia Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jasper is feeling lost. having followed his niece in search of their respective fathers,his sister and him nearly ended up dead. if it wasn’t for the “sacrifice” his niece made, they wouldn’t be alive today. from what little he’s told, the ursine world was a lot different than the human world he’s used to. like seeing his niece mated to not one but two werebears AND pregnant. she needed to do this to have enough magic power to save them. her two mates were sent away to guard the magical borders but Autumn and Gunnar promised to take their places so the tried his niece had formed would be complete. this left him in turmoil since he couldn’t get either of them out of his mind. seeing these two together has him all hot and bothered. as gunnar finds him in the bushes and confronts him he doesn’t even deny a single thing. it’s like gunnar knows him better them himself. pulling and pushing the two men have a heated moment, gunnar secretly hoping that this could make jasper take that one step. but jasper turns out more stubborn than he thought.
jasper is forced to confront his feelings head on when his sisters tells him she won’t be mad if he follows his heart. his niece has her own few things to tell him. it’s a touch and go moment when Gunnar is all excited to talk to him assuming autumn had a chat with him, only he hasn’t seen the beautiful woman since their dalliance in the foliage hours ago.
it’s do or don’t for jasper as gunnar sets of to find her.
what will jasper do? will he listen to his heart, like his sister and niece told him? or will he hang on to his stubbornness?
you just can’t help but care about the bears in these stories. the troubles they went through, the changes they’re trying to make. they are changing, no doubt about that, but the yellow brick road comes with many dangers!!

free copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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