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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Review: Wolf in Winter Clothing

Wolf in Winter Clothing Wolf in Winter Clothing by Heather Long
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

it has taken a lot from him but roland has returned to the black hills wolves now there is anew alpha and a new way of living. there is only on bad apple still left and roland wants pay back.
claudia is lured to los lobos under the guise that her former TA has been seen in the area. grabbing her current TA she sets of in hopes of finding the girl that went missing almost a year ago. in town they're waiting for the contact but nobody appears to show up. who she does meet is one handsome man, roland. as a friend of roland joins them, that friend and her current TA kinda hit things of and that friend also happens to mention he knows the girls they're looking for. even better he knows where she is.
something tells claudia a lot more is happening and then there is roland who conveniently shows up... how convenient was it really, or was it set up?
roland has a lot at stake, specially when he has to come clean to claudia.
as the pack has changed so has many of its members and that is a lesson roland learns in this book, hopefully a lesson he'll learn fast because if he keeps hold of his grudge he might lose claudia!

another marvelous peak inside the world of the black mesa wolves as things change and settle down. i like how the other character keep showing up, that way you stay in touch with them as the overall story keep developing.
loved it from the moment i started reading this book, a must have

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