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Friday, January 15, 2016


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

another homerun for the team! the live of a biker isn't easy. when you live outside of the law, have your own rules to live by. their world is dark, hard, ruthless and deadly, very deadly.
the members of BDD aren't panicking but what they don't like is another crew in their territory creating mayhem. to find out what is going on jake volunteers to go undercover. it's a hard choice for him to make because it means laying down his cut, something he wears with pride. but they have to find out what is going and put a stop to it.
word is out the other MC is looking for a fighter to join their ranks, and that is just jack's specialty! he isn't scared of dying so he always goes all in.
when he gets through the initiating from the rusted devil mc he knows two things. one : the club is as good as dead if they don't pull their shït together and two, the beauty behind the bar might just be the thing he needs to take care of his wounds.
the attraction he feels for her is beyond anything he felt before and he's not resisting it either because she seems more the willing enough to go along for a quick hard ride on his rod.
once in, he has to stay low key and has to find out what is happening. who is involved, who isn't. there are quite a few moments that he though his cover would be blown, he would be in serious trouble if that happened. will he succeed to do what his mc asked him to do or will everything fall apart? what about the girl? the touches parts of him no woman ever has. can he leave her behind? how will she react once she learns the truth?

this one drama filled, action packed, steamy story that just goes on to get better and better as you keep on reading! i had a hard time putting down the book as there were certain people saying they were getting hungry (how hard is it to make a sandwich jeesh, right?) i just had to finish this and know how jack turned out! loved it, loved, loved!

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