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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Desert Fate

Desert Fate Desert Fate by Anna Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we're back at twin moon ranch with another dramatic coupling at hand. long lost friends stefanie and kyle meet again under less then ideal circumstances. stefanie has been bitten and fled the area. she'd been running on adrenaline for days, not sure where she was going. a last effort has her sprawled out in the dessert where kyle finds her. a few minutes pass before the old friends recognize each other. kyle is instantly on high alert, or rather his wolf is. after managing to convince he was safe and he wouldn't harm her, he coaxes her to his cabin where he offers her food and a chance to refresh herself before taking her to his alpha.
her situation isn't ideal because basicly she belongs to the pack from the wolf who bit her. but that pack has a nasty reputation and kyle's wolf is dead set against anything happening to her.

as both are coming to grips with the situation things don't get easier when the wolf who turned her arrives on the scene, shadowed by a higher ranking wolf.

for stefanie everything has happened so fast and after her first change her inner battle with her wolf isn't going fair. well she's being rather stubborn.

will both human and wolves find peace with what both parties want or will there even be more tragedy waiting to happen?

what a story of acceptance this was and i didn't mean just accepting your fate because of some rules and pack law, but trusting your gut (or rather your wolf) and trust them.

as for some others i can only say : payback is a b*tch!!

loved this installment in the desert-serial and can't wait to read more about the twin moon ranch! i wonder who's next in line to battle with his/her wolf?

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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