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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Jaxson: Avery Wolves

Jaxson: Avery Wolves Jaxson: Avery Wolves by J.K. Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

wanting to leave her past behind, trying to get a new start in live, she lets her friend convince her to pack up everything and move upstate. in less then five minutes she manages to collide with the towns recluse, the one everyone claims is scary, rude and is just a plain PITA.
he's also Jaxson, the eldest of the Avery wolves that reside in town. something about him clings to her and feels familiar, like the person he portrays to be isn't who he really is. after more brute encounters their conversation comes to a blow and things go from talking to hot faster then you can say hot!
it's clear both have a past they cary with them like a safety blanket, unwilling to let it go. who will be the stronger one of the two breaking down the walls of the other? will these tormented souls find a way to each other in time or will the past happen again?

emotional, heartfelt, dramatic, sweet, crude, conflicting, forgiving, .... all this and more is present in this first story of the serial. i'm happy that each book will have a HEA and i loved to meet his brothers and how they are, also loved it weren't all of them in one go! i can only bet all of them would be to much to process haha. really loved this book!

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