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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: Alien Architect's Bride: Draconians

Alien Architect's Bride: Draconians Alien Architect's Bride: Draconians by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

in this final chapter the draconian architect will have to grovel if he wants his human mate to be more agreeable. first of all he never wanted a mate, much less an inferior human female!
octavia unwillingly is in charge of trying to rebuild a smaller part of new your after the mulgor attack. anything and everything was wiped clean, it was a surprise central park survived, more or less. when word gets out that the draconians are sending their best architect to help rebuild earth, starting with new york, she has her doubts. when she sees the plans it's like the mulgor attack was nothing compared with how she felt how that architect dude wanted to put them together and worse, even wanted to destroy central park, the only thing they had left!
several times she tries to persuade the secretary at the embassy to let her talk to him. telling her she had zero chances of that happening. her only remote shot would be entering the mating lottery and hoping her draconian match was found and that he traveled in the same circles as the architect.
fate sometime is funny, guess who her draconian mate turns out to be? yeah, you guessed right. that one!
let the games begin is all i say! this was one of the toughest mating battles in the series but what a battle it was!

a little bit sad that the series is ending but i'm still hoping a little bit that maybe somehow sometime we may get an extra on, maybe situated a decade later, with all their kids getting into their pre-teens. wouldn't that be fun?

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