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Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: Desert Rose

Desert Rose Desert Rose by Anna Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

think this is by far my most favorite story in the series!!
in the aftermath of the previous book, Ales, a javelina shifter, is offered to stay on the ranch to heal up. the first few weeks he doesn't even recollect apart the voice of an angel telling him stories. then he spend a few weeks awake in bed and now he was up and round and about. he didn't want to overstay his welcome so he did his best to make himself useful at the blacksmith. learning a new skill was hard but he enjoyed the manual labor.
beth is happy to see alex is getting better, what doesn't make her happy is the interest her wolf has in him, wanting him, needing him. she read to him days on end, convinced that even unconscious he would be able to hear people. attracted to him, she just doesn't have the guts to make a move. beside shifters didn't mix well. since ty took over as alpha it was already rare to see her pack allowing human mates. this isn't a rarity but the old alpha, ty's father, had a different view on mating. you keep to your kind and mate for power. that already went out the window. but a wolf and javelina? no, that won't be happening.
beth forgot the meddling elder people!
put together by luck - riiight! - alex realizes beth is his angel. his animal is grunting, he likes her. likes her enough to want her forever. but alex isn't sure what to do, he does know he wants her too but he's not sure about the pack and how much longer he'd be welcome. he's not used to staying in one place at the same time but if he's honest, he likes it here and he likes beth too. things seem to start moving in the right direction when they make that first crucial connection.

what a story this was! a few older familiar faces, a few newer, another more bitchier. but it wouldn't be a heartfelt story if at some point there would be a huge twist in the plot and really major dramatic events! once i started reading time just flew by. i was glad that the kids were in school and husband at work. lunch was a thing of the past, i just had to finish the book!

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