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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Alien General's Wife: Draconians

Alien General's Wife: Draconians Alien General's Wife: Draconians by Scarlett Grove
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

it finally happened, the draconian's biggest enemy has found earth and are attacking it with a vengeance. only the draconian's present aren’t doing anything and the world is in utter chaos.
in this chaos indigo manages to keep her head cool and whisks her roommate with her trying to escape the chaos and make it to her parents place. upon arrival they find a deserted house but a note stating they were headed to their vacation house.
a couple of hours later the family is reunited but 4 instead of 2 people eat a lot more and indigo finds herself being the only person capable of going into to town and restock. when she arrives back at the cabin it's to find her parents and friend dead on the floor, covered in blood from head to toe. a quick check reveals there is nothing more she can do. weighing her options she sees no other way out as to leave them behind and make her way to a big city. with a heavy heart she leaves the remains as they are and starts her lonely journey back to the next big city. as she's driving she gets a notice that her draconian match has been found, if she could make her way over to the nearest draconian consulate.
still grieving she sees this as her only way out, having nothing left.
only her draconian mate isn't all to happy to have been matched now that the war is escalating and he, the highest ranking general in the armada, has other priorities that listening to his drake.

this is the start of a hard match to make, a lot of things are at stake, not just their own happiness but also the survival of earth, if that isn't enough pressure then i don't know what is!

loved this draconian installment and can't wait to read more, maybe even a revisit to all of them once things have calmed down and their firstborns are a bit older and bolder (i can hope!)

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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