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Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: Uncaging Wolves

Uncaging Wolves Uncaging Wolves by Roxie Noir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

another triad happy! scarlett has been in prison for four long years. a troubled teen she knew nothing better then to go along with her father, but when the big plans fell apart and she got sent to jail as a result she started thinking about everything. her first few months weren't easy and she rebelled where she could. later on she realized the error in it all and eventually flipped sides and told them everything. this meant a shorter sentence for her and after four years she was up for parole on good behavior.
her brother stepped in so she'd have a place to stay and the local bakery offered her a job. she was anxious but relieved once she set foot in her brothers house, even if it was filled with a triad and her nephew and niece. her first night back into civilization is hard, she can't sleep so she decides to go out, wanting a taste of normalcy.
at the bar she spots Chase on stage and not much later Gavin makes his way over to her setting off all her inner alarms, bells and whistles. what almost resulted in a fight turns into a lot more once chase joins them and it's clear that chase and gavin are together. after some very heated moments, summer can't handle the intense feelings and flees the scene under the guise of freshening up.
the men are oblivious to her disappearance but a day later so much is revealed, so many feelings hurt and a lot of time has to pass before all of their wolves get a say in the matter!

this was a rather emotional one to read, so many prejudices about ex prisoners arise, some more valid then others. but sometimes a past is just that: a past. people can change! but that is up to gavin and chase to find out.

another awesome installment in this series, one you can't miss!

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