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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: Weird Nights

Weird Nights Weird Nights by Rebecca Royce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

we join with mindy and jonah some weeks after the events in book one. mindy went with jonah, wanting to get away from the place were a real demon, pretending to be a clown, gutten and killed her boyfriend in front of her. a boyfriend she was going to break up with that same night.
jonah just waltzed into her life and made it bearable but deep down she wants more. more of jonah, more knowledge of the "other" world, more physical power. she doesn't want to feel weak anymore. training with jonah at mr foy's was a big step but the distance that grew between them was eating her up. just as much as jonah could aggravate her with popping up wherever she was, even when she tried to be careful. he mostly knew what to say to make her feel good but he just as knew what to say to rile her up.
when things between them come to a boil she mistakes his reluctance as rejection but she couldn't be further from the truth even if it bit her in the nose.
but things for this twosome aren't easy as past events have a sneaky way of catching up with out when you least expect them too!

i was rooting for them for the get go. as you read a long so much makes sense when you learn their history and how things came to be. i really liked the first book but i liked this one even just a tiny little itsy bitsy more.
you cannot not have this book if you adored the first one.

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