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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: Unbearable Heat: The Grizzly Next Door

Unbearable Heat: The Grizzly Next Door Unbearable Heat: The Grizzly Next Door by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

lily and seth grew up together but as things in life go they drifted apart. lily is back in town, only a couple of houses down from seth. when he's on his way home he can't help but pick up the smell of fire. when he enters their street it's clear lily's house is burning. he doesn't think twice before storming into the house. halfway up the stairs he encounters lily and makes a beeline for the outside, knowing in his gut that her house will be lost.
lily has trouble breathing but feels fine otherwise. seth takes it upon himself to care for her, with his bear waking up after ten years and fully agreeing that taking care of lily is their main priority.
lily always like seth, liked him more then just friends but she never acted on it. ten years apart did him justice, he grew up into a hulk of a handsome man, a man who still awoke the same feelings inside of her when she was just a teenager.
seth is a bit confused why his bear is so active now, he's also puzzled why he never noticed how sweetly attractive lily was. he always thought her beautifull but he always considered her a friend,nothing more. not this time, this time he has a hard job reigning in his libido AND his bear, it seems they agree they want lily.
will these tho choose to just stay friend or is fate strong enough to push them in another direction?
things get tricky when they find out the fire that completely destroyed her house wasn't just a fire but it was arson. who would want to hurt lily like this?
all questions that will be answered if you decide to pick up a copy of the awesome book yourself. enjoyed it from the start to finish!

free copy given in exchange for an honest review

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